This is why I quit my job (38 photos)

…I worked with some ugly ass people.

  • mook

    Ya neat. I have a macbook too.

    • Inspi

      Macbook? Facewarp? Who gives a crap. I could do it back in the day on Windows 3.11 for Workgroups with Morph Studio

  • Leo

    Go fuck yourself mook

    • suck it

      agreed Suck it Mook

  • Irwin109

    You can do that on Sony Ericsson’s Facewarp too =P

  • shatnersbassoon


  • ssss9999


  • ASShole

    really schitty post Chive.

  • roll

    what is this crap?

  • Juan Alvarez

    lmao ive done that at skool with imacs:D

  • RevJimmy

    Um…so why exactly did ya quit that job?

    • roflcopter

      He was fed up of being the ugliest worker there.

  • roflcopter

    This was the most boring post ive seen on the chive.

  • k dogg

    I enjoyed this, guess no one else did

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