You’ve been owned my friend. (25 photos)

a owned pwned funny 18 Youve been owned my friend. (25 photos)

Just some of our favorite ‘owned’ photos in no order. We usually source our photos but, in this case, I’d have better luck scoring a date with Felicia Day (if you don’t know her, you should)

  • bbbbbeaver

    that bent macbook makes me cry inside

    • confused

      finally someone gave a mac what it desrves

      • HellHath NoLife

        gotta agree

  • Lionhearte

    MJ? That doesn’t even make sense.
    Where’s Pedobear?

  • Eirik

    Love the pizza. A nice and soft bottom is what I like best. 🙂

  • MissChris

    I have seen that wrestling pic a couple times – what the Hell is going on there!? How did that guy get his face into the other dude’s undies?? GROSS

  • yes

    that truck shat bricks

  • LOL

    Car in the dumpster, not so hard to recreate. Tip the dumpster, drive in, tip back, add weight to opposite side for counter balance. Oh the things we actually learn in college…

    Dreadlock dog owners should have to wear their hair like that & see how they like it.

    Wedgies & vadgies…ouch.

    • billthewelder

      That breed of dogs hair naturally ends up that way, look it up.

      • Anonymous

        no it doesnt. thats the dog from berkeley pit. look it up

      • Anonymous

        and you’re referring to the komondor, that’s not one of them

  • at work

    the girl getting the reverse wedgie is pretty hot…and too bad about the macbook

  • misainzig

    I enjoy women wedgies. Can we have an article of strictly that please?

  • LOL

    I don’t think MJ tied up little girls. more like little boys

    • LOL

      Fuck…that LOL is not me. Note the incorrect punctuation and capitalization in the 2nd sentence. I don’t disagree with what that person said…just saying it wasn’t me that said it. 😉

      I still think the dogs hair is stupid. If they were bred to grow that way, the breeders should be kicked. 😛

  • Ken

    Gawd, I hope that kid was adopted!

    The sunken boat makes me wonder, why don’t they make personal submarines for people to tool around in? That’d be more fun than a pontoon boat!

  • boneman

    Now THAT really is like getting hit with a ton of bricks.
    or a ton of rice…
    or a ton of sumo wrestlers.
    a ton of german shepherd dog. Sure…it may not weigh a ton, but tell that to the chicken climbing the tree.
    a ton of pizza. Guy just can’t figure out to NOT let it thaw, first..
    a ton of cornrows from a dog…

  • kp

    Last was too funny!

  • ladyguitarstar

    I personally love rasta dog. It looks better on a dog than on a human, IMO.

  • Slim Pickings

    Number 5 is the worst Photoshop I have ever seen.

  • unfunny


  • Skeeter

    Some friends and myself put a car in a dumpster once and had the mps called on us. It was funny up to that point. AWWWW the great memories of the life in the military

  • paul

    The blue tape guy, kind of looks like an Avatar.

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