25 more reasons proving chicks are crazy (25 photos)

a crazy girls 6 3 25 more reasons proving chicks are crazy (25 photos)

  • Dave

    If that Joker Tattoo is real, it’s fucking awesome. Also, there is nothing attractive about Corset piercings.

  • Sticks

    Last pic is epic. I wouldn’t have gone with that finish though. Enemies can find you easier by having a light being reflected off it.

    • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

      How much of a nerd can you be?! It’s a glamor pic not a lesson in what not to do and how to avoid enemy detection and in case you hadn’t noticed she’s standing in a brightly lit room with a blindingly white background making it impossible to avoid enemy detection yet here you are worried about a bit of shiny surface on her shotgun oh and she’s dripping blood and gore which leaves a trail yet another way to be more more easily than a bit of shiny surface.

      Damn kids these days think theyre all smart because of this internet thing.

      • Zooks

        He said it’s epic, fooooool. He appreciates the gist of the photo.
        Don’t be a nerd by analyzing the shit out of it.

      • Xac

        Jeez, Bill. Too much coffee this morning?

      • LOL

        Wow Bill…take a Midol or something hun. It’s okay. 😉

        Most of these are stupid…absolute proof that women are wackadoodle nutz.

        Exception to the nutz thing is the old woman…I’ve seen it as a greeting card before but she’s still awesome. 😉

  • gozer

    I want that hat.

  • Lamp?

    I Love Lamp

  • Ron Burgundy


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  • BillyBlaze

    I’d like to make a deposit

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  • top dog

    I like the sperm bank picture, can I make a deposit?

    • NotHellHathNoFury

      We Shall Call Him Captain Original!

  • Garmon

    1st pic woman is clearly Exalted with Darnassus

    • Haylie

      Hahaha, well spotted.

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  • psilo

    Man I don’t know what daves talkin about. That back corset is hot as hell

  • ladyguitarstar

    Sperm bank chick is a stupid attention whore. Just sayin’.

  • kp

    usually that’s written on lips when someone is passed out drunk……..

  • mook

    Is it me or does the chick with the hello kitty tattoo… Her toe looks deflated.

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