19 reasons to have a big nerd crush on Veronica Belmont (19 Photos)

We’ve posted a lot of geek crushes lately but Veronica Belmont is our Belle of the Cyber Ball. She attended Emerson College where I’m sure she was the hottest thing on campus. Veronica began her career as an intern producing audio content for CNET Networks but matriculated quickly. In 2007 Veronica was announced as the co-host of the Revision3 show Tekzilla and was also named to the ‘Top 10 Sexiest Geeks’ list by Violet Blue.

There are many more photos at Veronica’s official website and her Flickr page.

(Photo Credits: The amazing Bui Brothers, Lan Bui, Sasha Friedenberg)

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  • habsfanx

    Go nerds go !!!!!!!! this reminds me they should bring back “Revenge of the nerds” best comedy movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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  • darkmagician

    she’s ok but her face looks very manly, in fact some of the pictures, especially with the asian guy 2nd to the end, it looks like she has a 5’oclock shadow

  • boobster

    nice set of titties

  • sander

    anytime, anywhere, anyhow

  • McFeely Smackup

    Puh-lease!.. What a bunch of soppy fanboys!..
    This chick is just barely cute – mostly she looks manly..
    Stop acting like idiot lemmings and thinking for yourself – piling on with the She's Hawt garbage when the chick clearly isn't is just stupid. Grow the fvck up already..

  • neXx

    – shes gorgeous, yes plz

  • faux geek rage

    I'll be honest, I'm not too impressed with all these faux geeky girls. They're models, nothing more. You put them in a room at a LAN party with anything more complex than Quake and they wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

    Feel free to downvote me all you want. You know I'm not lying.

  • https://www.facebook.com/o420x Oran Allen

    not impressed

  • you're welcome

    gentlemen, i give you the Belmont GIF: http://fabfunny.com/2011/04/funny-celebrity-pictu

  • Iafolo

    This is missing the cthulhu gif…


  • Gary

    God she is so H.O.T. and very attractive to!

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