Daily Afternoon Randomness (25 Photos)

  • aldo

    lead photo- greatest ever

  • LOL

    Photos 8 & 9…what has been seen cannot be unseen. DAMNNNN IT!!!

  • at work

    bye conan 😦

  • Peter Perry

    I’m with Coco

  • Yanush

    Thanks for the last photo. needed that

    oh, and thanks Coco. you made us all smile.

  • Milwaukeeeeee


  • nate

    the guys in pic 4 are in amsterdam ( I have sat in the exact spot myself!)

  • ladyguitarstar

    That giant woman thats holding up a man freaks me out.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Well, they asked for pics of me, and I delivered.

      • ladyguitarstar

        Lol Fury, I highly doubt that.

        • MaikoMaiko

          me too, no one was serious when they asked for pictures, though to be fair to you it’s harder to read sarcasm than to hear it

          • Yo yo what up


      • mydogisdexter

        Are you free next Tuesday?

        There are a couple of bulbs out in my hallway. I can’t reach them.

  • ladyguitarstar

    Please tell me that the chick with the giant whole in her mouth is photoshopped.
    The emo furball is so adorable.

    • HellHathNoFury

      at least her jaw won’t get sore when…oh my god, *brainbleach*

      • ladyguitarstar


        * Pokes out mental eye*

  • ladyguitarstar

    ahaha i spelled it ‘whole’. oops.

    • P-90

      That reminds me of a joke.

      What’s the difference between oral sex and anal sex?
      One makes your day the other makes you hole weak!

  • kp

    If that isn’t shopped…it is sooooo gross!!!

  • Matt

    GOOD BYE CONAN!!!! I love you Leno!!! Conan you just aren’t funny.

    • norm

      OK, lemme write that down…that’s one person who thinks Leno is funny. Got it, thanks.

      • ladyguitarstar

        ahaha yeah seriously. Leno SUCKS

  • Joel

    it’s fucking freezing in tijuana!!!!! thanks for the last photo

  • Anonymous

    No fat chicks

    • mook

      Best way to knock a chick up and not have her find out until shes pushin the fat butt baby out.

  • Sazuke

    what does it mean “I’m with Coco”? I keep seeing it everywhere but nobody explains what is it about.

    • mook

      Have you been living in a cave? Jay Lenno was given his own show, Conan O’brien moved to the tonight show. Now Lenno is being moved back to the tonight show due to his crap show flopping and Conan is being pushed out. Really you don’t know anything about this? Really? I haven’t even watched much of either through the switch or read much of the details online, nor heard much from word of mouth and I know of this. How did you get online if you have not heard this?

      • mollee

        It kinda goes like this, some of us immediately stop listening or reading when we see or hear the names Leno or Conan. Now if someone wants to talk about Craig Ferguson I’m in.

      • Sassy

        I think he/she meant the nickname Coco….

      • Sazuke

        I live in a nice house, but simply i live in EUROPE, where we know nothing about your television! Don’t assume ALL THE PLANET follows everything USA does. At the contrary, we know NOTHING about your television.

    • Cocos Island

      Coco is just another nickname for Conan. Like “ConeBone69” or “The Cone Zone”.

      Tom Hanks is the one who came up with Coco (Coco Christopher, lol).


      Conan better bring back Vomiting Kermit on the next show.

      Team Coco!

  • amyrohan

    I took the pic of the guys with the brass asses! It was the day before we got married I Vegas!

    • mook

      No Way!?!?! I am the second chick from the right with the gold painted skin! I had sex with that guy ten minutes before that picture was taken!

  • P-90

    Pic 2 actually made me laugh.

  • mook

    People get down on negative and cynical people, but look at what we have to deal with.

  • nerf herder

    Jay Leno’s jokes are so old he should leave NBC and go to The History Channel.

  • Skeeter

    3rd photo One question……………..Did she suck the paint off that car. WOW

  • Regina

    The grandma in black boots is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!…..and yes i’m with coco…..

  • Big Bob

    If everyone that’s saying “I’m with Coco” actually watched his show every night, then his ratings might have been higher! Yes, I think he’s funnier than Leno too, but I will admit that I rarely watched either of them.

  • Warped

    Is that girl taking a picture of her who – ha?

  • shakeitbaby

    20th photo is freaky

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