can we get this guy to go please?

  • starduster

    best photobomb i’ve seen in a while

  • 4chanfavor

    took me a second but blaaaahahaha

    • Nikita Kondraskov

      The monster crab is seen instantly !

  • Leslie

    the end is near!


    please take me with you!

  • John

    this lobster has had a rough one

  • i hate my JOB

    the lobster in the library, col. mustard. what?

  • park wilder

    looks deeeelicious

  • pork sausage

    name it, then eat it

  • Dexter box set

    i’ve never felt so bad for a crustacean

  • at work

    lobster bomb!

  • Naughty

    What is that girl in the purple pants doing?

  • Anonymous

    you people are way to easily entertained

  • wankarelli

    Simple minds are easily amused.

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