Please support the ‘Plane to Haiti’

haiti lead Please support the Plane to Haiti
Some of the biggest stars in the music industry have chartered a Boeing 737. Destination: Haiti. But they need your help! Tom Morello (Rage) Eve, Scott Stapp (Creed), Godsmack, and many others, have organized an urgent humanitarian mission will serve the devastated people of Haiti to provide over 10,000 pounds of medical supplies, doctors, and medical staff.
The plane is loaded and ready to go but they need your help to get the wheels off the ground. No donation is too big or too small. Please help get this plane on its way to where it is needed the most. Click here to read about this awesome idea and click here to donate direct.

Chive On!
-John n’ Leo

  • Logan

    Wow.. thats so nice that these devoted artists can afford to charter a Boeing 737… O wait.. So you mean to tell me that these artists cant afford to get this sum bitch off the ground?!!? Well they shouldnt of chartered the damn plane! I got bills and shit!

  • LOL

    I have compassion and sympathy for the Haitian people. I do. I have seen the pictures and heard the reports. I’m sure the reality of their actual lives is so much worse than the news can actually show too. I’m absolutely certain that people are dying even this second, while I sit in the absolute luxury my suburban home. I ate today. I hugged the people I love most in the world. I have the internet. I am an incredibly fortunate woman. I know the Haitian people are suffering immeasurably.

    Unfortunately, in this situation, I have chosen not to contribute any money. Just because I know about a situation, doesn’t mean I have to help. Would I like to? Yes. Do I feel a little guilty? Yeah.

    Let me tell you what I did with the “extra” money I didn’t actually have as “extra” this week. (It was intended for bills, but I can work a few extra hours and not go out for lunch instead.) I took my 19 year old niece shopping for baby clothes. At the 2nd hand store. I gave my Mother-in-law 3 bags of groceries. I gave $20 to a guy down at the park…he was freezing his ass off and had a baseball cap with “MARINE” on it. I don’t know if he actually was a Marine or not. I’d like to think he was.

    So while I want to help the people of Haiti, I want to take care of the people in my community more. I sent prayers for those who are hurting…every where…around the world. I know it’s not enough, but it’s all I can do.

    I sometimes think we are all too connected to the world. Years ago, this earthquake would have been reported in a news paper, weeks after the event. The images wouldn’t be in our minds and hearts every night. If we weren’t connected though, I wouldn’t have thechive[dot]com to make me laugh either.

    Life will go on. The country of Haiti will be rebuilt eventually. So will America.

  • Regina

    Excuse me…but have you seen what those crazy people in Haiti do????…..The don’t show it on the American news, but if you watch the Russian news, it’s disgusting. Those morons Haitians rob the donations, which are free as it is to begin with. Why make it worse than it is ?…These Haitians stab and attack and kill for these donations and “charity”. I will never agree to support the plane after what I’ve seen these monkeys do!!!……If they will continue to behaive that way, they will be left alone to die and attack each other. MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  • Andrew

    Scott Stapp and Godsmack? I’d like to pay for enough gas to get the plane there and then run out of fuel in the middle of the ocean on the way back- thus doing two charitable things in one trip.

  • mook

    If they plan on crashing it into Haiti then I got $10 on the bitch.

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