Craig Tracy’s ‘South China Tiger Project’ is more than meets the eye (6 photos)

Check out more of Craig Tracy’s amazing work at his new website, HERE

  • LOL

    Awesome…nice curves on all 3 models too. Imagine having to sit there long enough for that though. Good work. 😉

  • bktscrambler

    Lucky pervert artist. jealous.

  • Anonymous

    i like the other one better (ocelot?), but this one’s tight in that it has 3 people

  • Elaine

    Ove this man;s work, I ,ust sene this link to my son and daughter in law. Can’t wait to start getting the daily photos and email updates/

  • Mark

    Perverted? There’s nothing perverted about using beautiful women (or one woman and two men? Hard to tell from these pictures.) to create a beautiful work of art.

  • Nobody

    I’ve never wanted to kiss a tiger so badly.

  • Joey

    Well now that I got you three girls naked…can I paint your asses to look like a tiger? Wait, what?

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  • Jessica

    This rocket never made it to “space.” It made it to 121,000 feet which is about 36.5km. The bodaunry is around 118km. The lowest satellites are in the 160km range. Still pretty impressive!

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