Yer doin it wrong (27 photos)

  • Dingo

    i don’t want to share my air with these people….

  • moo cow

    electronic mouse… hehe

  • LOL

    Damn…that vibrator would hurt…ohhhhhhhhh wait…they use it to brush their teeth…nevermind. 😛 😀 🙂

  • confused

    i think picture 18 is doing it right

  • Jonathan Passow

    “Aren’t you a little wide to be a Stormtrooper?”

  • Regina

    Pictures….you’re all doing it right!!!!!…however, the people in them ……..should think twice.

  • Megarath

    First pic: when your usual daily pastime is licking your own genitals, then you suddenly can’t do that any more, you’re gonna get a little stir-crazy.

    Now that I think about it, that could be applied to many of these pics.

    … and many of my days home alone.

    … … sigh.

  • aaron

    to think about the disgustingness of that hot tub

  • your dick

    Lol emo tinker bell.

    That guy with the water jugs on his scooter was trying to make a rocket, duh.

    I need to find that store so can save -10% on my next buy.

    I need a good ass sandwich right now.

  • joe

    The photographer with the tennis player isn’t doing it wrong – he’s dead on for the shot, he’ll just pull back a little as soon as her arm comes around…

  • Japtrap

    #2 is pretty cool, nothing wrong with a plane that can sit on top of your car, search for vids on it..

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