Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

internet guy lead Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

  • Berly

    the asian models. you’ll excuse me for a moment…

    • Nick4444

      I say more Asian chicks.

      • habsfanx

        yeah more ASian chicks !!!!! lots more

  • Sandusky

    i think i know the guy in the lead photo (sigh)

  • Anonymous

    oh god my tongue hurts from just looking at it!

  • cavemanlawyer

    Who are those hotties in the sixth pic???

    Time to go cougar hunting! Wait, is that a moose knuckle?

  • norm

    That dumb ex-girlfriend/Brad one ruined my enjoyment of the rest of the Randomness. Is that some new meme thing or is it just as stupid and annoying as it looks?

    • Lionhearte

      I think it’s just as stupid as it looks.

  • Erik

    Jim Jordan, or Michael Halpert?

  • kp

    Elvis pic rox!!

  • Places

    Asians for the win

  • snow sux

    perform anal

  • Undye

    =)) Polish Remover ! – so funny ! :)))

    • Anonymous

      undye, do you REALLY think it’s funny?;/

  • snarkotron

    i don’t notice what was apparently supposed to be noticed in pic 15…help a brother out!

    • Ash

      Maybe it’s the “Performande ANAL” I’m not sure…

  • Matt

    the last one with the books has to be fake or they were all glued. I can believe glued but if not then thats just impossible. Would definitely fall over.

  • Sam

    Ok guys…. before you get worked up on the asian girl in pic number 10.

    Its not a girl. Google her name Treechada Petcharat.

    thats right she’s Thailand’s hottest Tranny lol

    She’s my next door neighbor. (thats right i live in thailand weeeeee)

    • damn

      Damnit why does this always happen to me.
      I see HHNF expected a tranny but turns out shes just a butt ugly woman.
      I see this hot girl and she turns out to be a tranny.
      Never can get it right the first time :\

      • SKYLINED

        Damn…..you suck.

        Was that meant to be an insult?

      • HellHathNoFury

        You’re wrong on both counts. It’s quite obvious that I’m a bunny. I don’t know where you got ‘tranny’ or ‘woman’ out of that.
        and Skylined, R32 or R34? Right-hand?

  • jamen

    not amused.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Wish my mechanic had a rack like that.

  • Roscoe

    That Sarah Palin t-shirt…..scary!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Now we know why the chicken crossed the road. Police brutality !!!

  • Big Bob

    Those three Asian cuties in #7…good god!!!

  • Lang

    What’s with the pillow label?

  • adum

    Asian hotties is a nice ideia!

  • Anonymous

    I see mudkip…

  • at work

    that kid caught them all

  • anonymous

    I see mudkipz….

  • leonardo

    What’s with the sheriff pic?

  • Gonz

    c’mon fellas, did anyone notice the sweet pokemon collection? who cares about hot asian chicks when you can catch them all and wear a sweet ass pokemon trainer hat!

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