Sisters look alike, one notable difference (6 Photos)

sisters tan hot Sisters look alike, one notable difference (6 Photos)

There’s a great new site out there called pale is the new tan. The pale one is iJustine, she’s got her own youtube channel if your into that sorta’ thing. Justine’s sis is making damn sure the two don’t get confused. Personally, I think they’re both hot. Thoughts?

Photos taken from the great izismile [dot] com.

  • jorym

    theyre not twins theyre just sisters and thats ijustine (pale one)

  • JC

    In the pictures she’s green, the sister looks like she’s a goblin.

  • Locouk

    I’d kick em both out of bed… just so I could fuck em on the floor.

  • Anonymous

    Hey look its Justine from youtube, iJustine looks way better and more natural compared to the tan one who looks like she owns a tanning bed lol

  • Sandhya

    OMG! Its two sisters!!!!!!! When I watch the first picture of the sisters I feel that a girl sitting in front of the mirror but its two girls. It amazed me totally.

  • Hm.

    obviously the orange one is hotter. 😛

  • Donna

    The only thing that looks the same is their noses, otherwise you can't even tell they're sisters.

  • LalaGirl

    They're both hotties, but the tanned girl is Orange =

  • ori jersey

    tanned for sure

  • alexia

    justine's hot! her sister would be too if she wasn't tan, and had some eyebrows.

  • jake

    Since when is normal considered pale? If you want to appear shallow and dim witted by all means tan away!

  • alex

    DON'T like pale girls…..exception for Gwen Steffani! <—–that chick is HOT! So my point goes to honey brown!

  • Warlock

    pale one is better looking regardless of color…but still, the orange is so "douchette"/"hidious"

  • MXI

    WOW just saw her youtube channel, some kid talks bollox for 10 mins and gets a million views.

    This world is fucked.

  • NaTaS

    Nose jobs for both.

  • Zuke

    Paler one is way finer. I don't think that's mostly the tan though; her sister also has a rather sizable nose and appears generally less attractive.

    If I'd seen both of them elsewhere I'd probably never have guessed them to be sisters. Plus, calling the paler one 'paler' is almost misleading, as her level of tan is pretty much perfect in my eyes. I should be calling her the less tan one.

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