Sisters look alike, one notable difference (6 Photos)

sisters tan hot Sisters look alike, one notable difference (6 Photos)

There’s a great new site out there called pale is the new tan. The pale one is iJustine, she’s got her own youtube channel if your into that sorta’ thing. Justine’s sis is making damn sure the two don’t get confused. Personally, I think they’re both hot. Thoughts?

Photos taken from the great izismile [dot] com.

  • vitorla

    I’ll take the light blond pale one. Someone else can have the melanoma oompa-loompa.

    • charlie

      i think thats one of the funniest comments ive seen…
      or maybe im to stoned…
      jajjajaja oompa loompa….

    • weego

      i’ll fuck both whores in the ass

      • adhd

        the only whore here is your skank of a mother noob

    • shadstatic

      I would take the blond pale and I would touch the melanoma looking one

    • underdog25

      Ouch.. u are take alot of UVA ray!. XD. a little more a u win the orangine Pirze. XDD

    • Artyone Turner

      The pale one looks like v from “v from vendetta” haha

    • MF

      They don’t look alike, even without the tan.. but that tan looks horrible.

  • Brzooza

    that pale one is ijustin from you tube

    • norm

      Well, that certainly narrows it down.

  • Alan


  • Warren Michaels

    both hot. yep. you gotta find a way to keep your identity ya know?

    • sock puppet

      If she wants to have her own identity, maybe she should start with not wearing the same thing as her sister. That’s usually the first thing that twins do after years of their mother dressing them in the same clothes.

  • at work

    they’re hot…but this is slightly creepy

  • Joe

    both ugly

    • gonzomania


      • Big Bob

        You two need to redefine your definition of “ugly”. “Not the best looking”…yes. “Not stunning”…yes. But ugly? Are you serious? Just because you don’t find them attractive does not make them ugly by any means!

        • no

          disagree, they are both butterfaces

        • sfs

          If I don’t find them attractive I guess that kinda makes them ugly don’t you think.

    • iLoveiJustine

      iJustine way hotter, Joe is a fag

    • Davo

      Joe and Gonzomania, being gay doesn’t make hot women ugly.

  • porrage

    both hot now but the tan one won’t be in about 10 years

  • Anonymous

    They are hot already but being Penguins fans make them a lot hotter. LETS GO PENS !!!

    • Cheez

      Screw the pens and there crybaby!

      • Anonymous

        fake tan on a pens fan. pretty much par for the course

  • Robert

    They are already hot, but being Penguins fans make them a lot hotter. LETS GO PENS !!!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Hmmm. one is tan from being out and about.. The other is dale from staying inside all day and palying video games, getting baked and having sex. Pale one, FTW

  • Mattythegooch

    yup, both of them…right in the gooch!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Your face should not be the same color as your hair. They are both pretty, but the orange is a little ‘Bob Barker’.

    • Anonymous

      hey now, keep that fat hole in your face shut about bob barkingsworth! and spay and neuter your pets, goddammit

    • you know im right

      Even with her dodgy fake tan she is still better looking than you bitch.

      • Xac

        Wow ‘ you know im right ‘, you’re kind of a douchebag, ain’tcha?

    • Crystal


      I totally agree about the hair and tan thing. I’m personally of the school of thought that your hair colour should always be darker than your skin. Actually being the same colour is worse though, as clearly shown above :S

      • jordan34

        man youre still yapping in this site? you know i actually stopped looking at this site bec i always got irked by your comments. sounds extreme i know but man, you’re just a bitch that wont stop.

        maybe we can have a filter for you, john? is that too much to ask? i know your fanboys would be so “oh dont youre beautiful” etc. well man, i hate to say it youre fugly and you talk too much. and even if you could’ve been pretty, your comments made you ugly.

  • Adam

    Being a yinzer myself, I would be more than willing to meet up with these two girls to see just what other differances they may have.

  • interloper

    hot (for now)

  • ozzie

    As much as i’d like that to be true mustafa,i doubt it. A white girl with a fake tan is not a good thing.If it’s not a fake tan,geez it’s not a good look. especially with hair that blonde.i’ll take the Qtip FTW

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take ’em both….at the same time….YEAH!!!

  • JoshBerg

    They both have a bad case of man-face.

  • D

    Neither are all that hot, but the tan one is a little creepy for sure.

  • chiver

    She looks orange and insecure… stay away.

  • Shadow Sterks

    Hot but not hot enough for a habs shirt.

    GO HABS!!!!

  • alex

    In this case, I like the “pale” (normal-looking) one better. The other looks like a freakshow.

  • kickflip

    tan one is gross

  • Joey

    Whats the obsession with orange skin?!!
    Here’s a tip geniuses, lay out in the sun for a couple hours to get that natural golden tan you’re so desperately trying to recreate, its free and you dont look ridiculous..

  • Jeremiah

    both ugly.. the pale one is do-able.. the orange one can watch and clean up afterwards

    • ROR

      I couldn’t hear you, you were all muffled with a huge cock in your mouth.

  • NTFW

    gross.. i just can’t get the thought outta my head she’s gonna be an aligator when she gets old.


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