Sisters look alike, one notable difference (6 Photos)

sisters tan hot Sisters look alike, one notable difference (6 Photos)

There’s a great new site out there called pale is the new tan. The pale one is iJustine, she’s got her own youtube channel if your into that sorta’ thing. Justine’s sis is making damn sure the two don’t get confused. Personally, I think they’re both hot. Thoughts?

Photos taken from the great izismile [dot] com.

  • melie

    Orange Glo is for the floor…not your face, dear. AND the oompa-loompa (as referred) has a big honkin nose and a strange down-syndrome like smile (no offense to downs kids). I think that I’ll stay pastey and cancer free thanks!

    • Atari

      Yeah, because Down Syndrome kids are reading this page, cognizant of everything said.

  • Laura

    HOW can you tell someone is a “whore” from just a few pictures? Not to mention the fact that they are both quite covered in all picture. BUT when there are pictures on the internet of naked chicks or girls in nothing but a SQUARE of cloth they are seen as “sexy”. Yeah, I think not. Stupid computer geeks have nothing better to do…

  • josh

    so, one is normal, the other needs a nose job?

  • devvo =)

    The pale one is hotter… the tanned one would be hotter if she didnt go OTT with it, shes just orange, like a fucking umpa lumpa

  • Anonymous

    they both dont watch hockey. they only watch it for the good looking men. they are probably nice girls but both of them can just foad

  • No.

    They’re ugly as sin. Being Penguins fans only re-enforces that. Cheating is ugly. They should both die.

  • Nameunavailble

    If ijustine is pale than I’m tansparent! Her sister could pass off as mexican or black lol She needs to relax with the tanning you look good NOW but wait till later old leather bag comes to mind.

  • some guy

    They might look OK if they didn’t have all that fugly makeup.

  • gland man

    The tan one might have Addison’s disease (primary adrenal insufficiency) or less-likely, an adrenocorticotrophin (ACTH)-producing tumor (but she does not appear to have Cushing’s Syndrome, unless she has had her adrenal glands surgically removed; this can result in Nelson’s Syndrome). High levels of a ACTH are processed to a hormone called MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone), results in hyperpigmentation. Even the palmar creases and gingiva may develop hyperpigmentation. Symptoms may be insidious, but include fatigue, weight loss, dizziness, abdominal pain and eventually nausea/vomiting and dehydration.

    Other medical possibilities exist, but it’s hard to know. Gilbert’s disease is a common herditary liver disorder that produces mild elevations of bilirubin and jaundice.

    But the more likely answer will probably turn out to be differences in UV or sun exposure.

  • Charlie

    The pale one is hotter

    • Charles


  • Jeebs

    Why is she orange? Is it like the movie avatar? Where your avatar looks like you, only orange?

  • Pale girl

    She is not pale! Is she serious? Her sister is way too orange, disturbingly orange, like she is actually color blind and has no idea how stupid she looks. And the other one has one of the tans that people might expect. Not a tan that you will make fun of. I on the other hand am actually pale. This is ridiculous.

  • AJ

    There both hot! But the tan one is even HOTTEST.

  • yep

    just lay them down on top of each other on the end of a pool table, drop your drawers and go town. mmm mmm mmm mm mmmmm. Original and Extra Crispy gooch on ice!!! now you have something to cool down with afterwards.

  • Anonymous


  • dave

    omg that fucking slut looks like she been dipped in varnish!!! soooooooo ugly

  • lolbear

    Oh what an excellent skin cancer study! Can’t wait for the results.

  • yourmom

    they don’t look alike AT ALL.

  • marge

    Uh, hello? The blonde is her MOTHER. It’s a mother and daughter.

  • kristy

    She looks like a weenie that has been roasted too long.

  • val

    looks like their mom has been a naughty wife while the husband is not at home!

  • Amanda

    the light blonde looks like carrie underwood and the other girl looks like ashley tisdale

  • Marconi

    They both look massively brain-dead.

  • meimi132

    Its like…. like a Ganguro gal….. its scary…… Spose she doesn’t have the super-dark tan with light makeup though..

    • C

      You’re right! xD

      The tan doesn’t do it for me at all. D<'' Maybe the darker haired photos, but with the blonde hair it looks kind of strange…

  • capndax

    very nice.

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