Street gets absolutely pummeled in Quebec (10 Photos)

  • Alan

    Ha! Canadians are cool. They hop in hot tubs and drink beer when that kind of stuff happens.

  • porrage

    at least the hot tub still works

  • D

    No thanks! Fuck the snow……

  • Crapulax

    Haha… I remember that winter….keep in mind that it was a record-breaking winter. Almost 6m (18 ft) of snow during the whole season. During one particular storm in early march, the snow removal crews could not see cars parked on the side of the street; there was so much snow that they didn’t even make a hump in the snow. A lot of cars were hit that way during the night. I remember driving around the following afternoon and seeing a bunch of smashed cars on the curb…

  • Sticks

    This makes me kinda want to move to Canada. Too bad they have really retarded gun laws.

  • sds


    Retarded gun laws keeps the murdering retards out of our country
    Stay where you are

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      @vitorla: [joking around] Screw you! I live downstate; where not every government-owned truck has attachment points for a snowplow! Just give me a V-8 powered snowblower and the fuel to run it. Vive Quebec!

      vid of a V-8 powered snowblower:

      • vitorla

        HAH, fuzzy, I know what you mean. I lived in Urbana for 4 years, where salt is just a suggestion.

    • CMG

      yeah that’s working well for Toronto isn’t it!

      @sticks, just ignore the gun laws/registration, everyone else here does 😉

    • D

      Sorry friend, but gun LAWS having nothing to do with murdering retards. Murdering retards are criminals, and criminals don’t follow the LAW.

  • vitorla

    Damn dude. That’s a lot of snow. I’ll take Chicago’s 50 mph ice winds over this any day.

  • Daaaaave




  • kp

    regular winter at Mammoth Mtn….. 🙂

  • snow sux

    def. global warming. i’m melting in NY right now

  • habsfanx

    let it snow !!!!!!!!!!!! the only good thing about winter is hockey and snowboard babes !!!!!! go habs go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vitorla

      I would have to agree with you…..except….Here come the Hawks, the mighty Blackhawks!

  • Gonz

    i’m from wisconsin bro and we pretty much do the same, I love canadians, we like bros

  • Obakeng Obk Foks Mafoko

    Vive le Québec libre!

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