• LOL

    Whoa. Yes. I do. WTF Leo?!? How’d they do that? I can’t look at it long…making my eyes water. Cool. Thanks.

    • philip

      wow how did you do it .. sooooooo cool

    • Therm

      if you tilt your comp back you can see it better

    • Anonymous

      well stop doing that and look at the pic instead.

    • aguy

      This isn’t an illusion at all. They just boosted the brightness to make the picture almost white and then put black stripes on it. Try it yourself: Copy the picture into Photoshop (or Gimp or whatever), apply a Levels filter and bring the black level up.

      If you can’t see it, it’s probably because your monitor is “enhancing” your contrast and chopping off the top 10% of the whites.

  • jason

    ha ha nice i know who it is

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see it

    • Anonymous

      It’s easy if you try.
      It isn’t hard to do.
      I wonder if you can.

    • Eddie Corzova

      Dont look direct… look from the side… or from below.. or from the top .. u will see it clearly

  • Anonymous

    It’s easy to see if you sit back a bit.

  • Mr Irony

    Is that Chuck Norris?

    • John Atkins

      John Lennon

  • DaddyD

    Easy if you tilt the screen away from you.

  • Lang

    Looks like John Lennon to me

  • lmnd

    John Lennon! haha

  • Mattythegooch

    a sailboat is a schooner, you fat ass!!!

  • jamen

    holy crap, its john lennon

  • welker

    ray…it’s looking at me, Ray

  • Anonymous

    I hate these fucking things. I can never see shit!!

    • Conor Hoey

      tilt the screen away from you a lot

    • john

      look at it with your eyes almost closed

  • cookiemonster

    I see it, it’s John Lennon, you have to move away from the monitor in order to see it

  • vitorla

    If you have a laptop, lilt the screen back as far as it will go. If you have a desktop crouch and look up at the monitor (should help).

  • DaElf

    You can’t see it with glasses on.

    • bull

      yeah you can, just tilt the laptop screen away from you

  • Jeremiah

    looks like lennon to me

  • Dom

    It also works if you shake your head side to side. (kinda weird if someone sees you doing it)

  • bryainiac

    it IS john lennon

  • Brody

    yep its lennon

  • kp


  • donuteyes

    looked like e.t. to me…

  • Battleangel


  • Kirby

    Taking off my glasses worked for me.

  • meg

    u gotta shake ur head kinda fast to see it… idk who it is though


    I can totaly see it!!! black and white stripes in a box!!! cool stuff!

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