• Mattythegooch

    Abe Vigoda in a womens prison?

  • Anonymous

    Joe Pesci

  • Mu$£

    thats a dude?!

  • Boaby Scaramanga

    I had to go to the other side of the room to see it, Awsome stuff.

  • shakeitbaby

    oh my god it’s JESUS!

  • patton303

    How about you just go look a fucking picture of John Lennon instead?
    These things are stupid.

  • will04

    just tilt your hear to the right or left, and move back from the monitor – about 5ft…

    yeah, it looks like lennon..

  • will04

    tilt your head… lol

  • itsme

    dude thats ET? or does everyone see diferent

  • Anonymous

    john lennon with a super long nose LMAO.

  • calvin

    some places are greyer than other

  • Therm

    Just tilt your screen back guys! no need 2 stare at it till ya eyes water lol

  • abhilash

    It’s an old lady

  • tony

    several faces

  • ruri

    yesH … finally i can see it……
    Bravo… bravo!

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  • zefiro

    john lennon xD

  • thonnych

    Yes, I see John Lennon. make distance from the monitor, and tilt your head a little to the left or right.

  • peteo

    john lennon?

  • peteo

    yeah, its definitely john lennon

  • andreea

    that’s bull shit , the john lennon image is just very faded…

  • Buddy

    It’s John Lennon!
    Can’t stare too long though, makes my eyes sore ><

  • Buddy

    BTW, the technique used to make this effect is pretty simple, a faded gray scale is placed behind the thick black stripes. This illusion simply tricks the mind into believing that the white spaces between the black stripes are pure white, when in fact it is not. After looking at the image closely, the brain only then realizes that there are shades of gray in the white stripes. It’s like looking at a picture from a magnified T.V. screen.

    You can see the image a lot clearly bu simply viewing the image from afar, or just lean away from your monitor.

  • Kerli

    I can’t see with glasses , but when i take them off i can see it 😀

  • hellrider

    Use ur camera to see it 🙂

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