• jan

    It is definitely John Lennon!!!

  • anko8aug

    john lennon

  • lari

    I also see E.T.

  • s y

    Its a lady

    Florence Nightingale

    or an old HAG>…

  • Bunneh

    i thought it was li’l john w/o his shades until i saw the glasses (john lennon). i was pretty close 🙂

  • Mike

    Couldn’t see it at first, but when I took my glasses off it was clear as day

  • Mike

    Just noticed why that happened – with glasses on, the black stripes look, well, BLACK. But with glasses off they get blurred down to gray, which lets the variations in the “white” show up better.

  • Ann Droide

    I don’t see anything but black and white lines.

  • Anonymous

    new it~

  • Anonymous

    is that rasputin

  • dont get it

    i see E.T.

  • Asaph

    OMG! i can see John Lennon!

  • Julia

    …yeap 🙂 i see John Lennon 🙂

  • Chelsi

    definitely John Lennon haha

  • Kringkring

    Yeah i saw john lennon..

  • Anonymous

    minimize screen and see.

  • prabuddha

    minimize screen and see

  • mrman

    it's a thin man with glasses and long curly hair.

  • Benno

    John Lennon =)

  • dave

    No. but after a couple of minutes of trying now everything in the room looks like I’ve taken 2CB

  • irwan

    100 % John, Open with photoshop and then sharpen more

  • Jessy

    I see john lennon..

  • marc0871

    it's lennon,alright.
    i knew i saw eyes when i looked at it first.
    then i saw the tips to see it better (move away from the screen,remove your glasses(if any :P)).
    works like a charm 😀

  • Levi

    It's E.T.

  • Stupid

    How do they do that?

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