• mclovin

    its easier if you take off your glasses and look at it. if you have a pair

  • Krystian

    John Lennon 100% !!!!!!!!!

  • Veeerabhadra

    I can see it from a little distance,seems to be one Holywood actor.I have forgotten the name of actor.

  • jack

    it is an alien and john lennon

  • Zhamd

    Yes, I saw John Lennon

  • nyahaliso

    it's john lennon. just look sideways. you can see it…

  • @Micheyru

    For me, it's John Lenon.

  • To0dles

    really looks like John Lennon

  • Anonymous

    Yes I can see him.. but how is this man???

  • Mike

    It's Obama in whiteface wearing a wig.

  • cloksin


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