Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

  • LOL

    LOL@no cuts asshole! LOL Jose’s a clever little beaner. 🙂

    2nd pic…so thechive is why the housing market is collapsing (again)? Oye vay. 😛 Y’all are getting all powerful…lol…Leo, John…use your powers for good! I gotta sell my house! LOL 😛

    • Warped

      Im thinking that was mail order brides…. not houses

      • Warped

        Yea I see what you’re saying now…. didnt notice that the first time!

  • Anonymous

    “My shit is blowin’ up”? That doesn’t sound good. I’d see a doctor about that.

  • BillyBlaze

    That chick really loves coke

  • Bo

    The colored stairs ( pic 5 ) are in my city! Why is it posted here? because the stairs are colored?

    I love this Blog! You do an awesome job!

    greetings from Wuppertal / Germany

    • Martin

      The focus of the photo is the girl's backpack, not the stairs.

  • Anonymous

    i claim 6th in line

  • jamen

    that 2nd to last pic is awesome, lol

    pic #3 she looks like she’d be sayin “pfft….fag” lol

  • wildhack

    Party Rats… That does look like the fun way to have fun.

  • Regina

    I want those party finger lights!…..I need those party finger lights!….

  • dave

    So you fucking assholes just steal other people's photos and post your logo on it? You should be sued. Fucking pigs.

    • Jen

      oh dave, you're so sweet.

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