Facebook’s pretty cool I guess (28 Photos)

facebook cool lead Facebooks pretty cool I guess (28 Photos)

*TheChive.com did not directly take any of the above photos from Facebook. All pics submitted by users and no guarantee any of these photos are actually on Facebook -but seriously, who cares if they are or not, they are hot as hell.
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  • Jordo

    Not to keep bringing it up…. But I like HHNF. Not only is she cute…She really funny, and has a lot of wit. I love a chick that can make me laugh! HHNF seem like a fun person, thats why so many people like her.

    The haters get so pissed because some one else is fun to be around. That to me says…"fucked up child hood" and the haters will always hate cuz your momy never told you she loved you, and your druck as fuck step dad touched you in your "no-no" spot.

    Haters do us and the rest of the world a favor….kill your self, and STOP THE CYCLE!!!

    • D

      Wow! I've got three words for you…..anger management, bro.

      HHNF, be very, very careful; if Jordo isn't already stalking you, he may very well soon be, and he apparently has a ton of penned up rage. I would suggest that you go out and purchase either a German Shepherd or, even better, a S&W .357 as soon as possible.

  • habsfanx

    Girls Girls Girls what would we do without them ? it would be borring as hell !!!!!!! dont stop being sexy ….CHIVE ON !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #1 is awesome, but WTF with the guy behind her wearing a bikini top!!

  • SkeetSkeetSkeet

    am i the only one who thinks the brunette in black is the hottest? god damn i would let her work for my ball milk.

  • dknypg83

    holly wow!! :p

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  • Regina

    BTW..guys…let's leave the "chatting" ( instead of just leaving one comment on here)…at Facebook!!!!….you make this page long and your comments are turning into a wastefulness……

    And yeah…facebook fans have loads of time on their hands!!! for stupidity, that is…….what more to say……hmm……….NIHILISM!!!!

  • Um

    Why is there a dude in a bra in pic 1

  • Epic

    #2 is just epic.

    I'm for the blond since now.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty 🙂

  • justsayin07

    ok so going down the list, #16, brunette girl that doesnt know how to hold a camera straight…she is my ex g/f from Iowa – and there should be a 'crazy' rating next to each, i give her a 10! an effin 10!!! (on being crazy)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kshoujo kshoujo

    #22 whats her name? i want more of her

  • Geo

    who is #11?

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  • Billy

    #9 Look at her foot….

  • ar tee

    #19 who is she??

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