Danielle Wolfe named the #1 College Woman of the Web (24 Photos)

daniele wolfe lead Danielle Wolfe named the #1 College Woman of the Web (24 Photos)

Danielle Wolfe’s road to internet fame started with a risky, yet tasteful photo shoot for Campuslol (her dad wasn’t thrilled). From there, the University of Florida student made it all the way to G4tv.com’s #1 College Woman of the Web. Danielle is surprisingly well-spoken and down to earth in this video considering how scorching hot she is… BUT now she’s arrived at the CHIVE’s doorstep and, with 1 Million users a day, I think the Chivers have the right to weigh in. Is Danielle the #1? I took the liberty of digging up a forgotten video she made at Florida U for ya’. Give her both barrels, guys and gals. Do it for your country.
Oh, and here’s her Twitter page. I’m sure she’ll have something to say about us in a bit.

(Photo source, here, here here)

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