Danielle Wolfe named the #1 College Woman of the Web (24 Photos)

daniele wolfe lead Danielle Wolfe named the #1 College Woman of the Web (24 Photos)

Danielle Wolfe’s road to internet fame started with a risky, yet tasteful photo shoot for Campuslol (her dad wasn’t thrilled). From there, the University of Florida student made it all the way to G4tv.com’s #1 College Woman of the Web. Danielle is surprisingly well-spoken and down to earth in this video considering how scorching hot she is… BUT now she’s arrived at the CHIVE’s doorstep and, with 1 Million users a day, I think the Chivers have the right to weigh in. Is Danielle the #1? I took the liberty of digging up a forgotten video she made at Florida U for ya’. Give her both barrels, guys and gals. Do it for your country.
Oh, and here’s her Twitter page. I’m sure she’ll have something to say about us in a bit.

(Photo source, here, here here)

  • ukchef43

    Shes got a face like a bag of chisles..God I’m such a liar.

  • Leonardo

    Not hot ? Not No. 1! No tits? WTF? FUCK OFF TO GAY CHIVE begrudging bastards

  • Mike

    hahahahahahahhahah! The dude in the first pic wit a dude in it used to play volleyball with me in HS. He was our setter… I once Spiked on one of his sets and as i landed my foot got caught on his shorts and brought them down to his ankles! He had tighty whitys on this dude!

    • Nightstalker

      Sorry Mike, you just failed the gay test.
      When you get to the first picture that has a guy in this list you should already be wondering what it would be like to slide your hand into the denim skirt in the picture below it!
      +These pictures brought back a memory of a guy in his pants?? Really??
      + Volleyball…. Really???

  • JP

    Not enough curves.. and not even close to the hottest college girl on the web. College humors “Cute” chicks are better than this dud. Stay skinny in Florida!

  • TrickyDick

    She is attractive but gotta agree with the others…she has no jammers, no ass, and looks like 90% of all blonde sorostitutes at any given college…she is cute, but hottest girl of all USA colleges? i dont think so….

  • lacy underall

    probably the best thing in florida

  • paris

    well, I’d say yes to anything but the girls in the flag corps

  • Drink the Haterade

    She’s hot… Not the hottest but she’s bangin

  • flgator

    GO GATORS!!!

  • C

    Sorry, she’s cute, but you could walk down the street and see girls that cute pretty much anywhere.

  • Larry not cable

    * crackers

    • HellHathNoFury


  • Icky

    Please find her plastic surgeon and tell him he took too much off her snozz! Wonder what she used to look like before the work.

  • aaron

    hot, but theres 357 girls that look exactly like that in any college town in america…..shes cute but #1 in america…no way.

  • interloper

    i think she’s attractive in a way that makes my pants tighter

  • poor man's cadillac

    she’s cute and hot. double trouble.

  • f.f.

    ok she is pretty but #1 no…she looks like every single blonde mid 20’s tanned, fake nailed, spends 3 hours in the bathroom every moring just went to college girl…so yes pretty #1 not even

  • isawoj

    Very hot, but she looks uncomfortable in about half of her posed shots. It’s weird to look at a hot girl in lingerie who looks panicked out of her mind.

  • MichaelGS

    that has got to be the most boring ad for tutorzone in history, she lost me at hi guys.

    still she is very attractive… easily the most attractive ive seen so far today. mind you its early and i havent had my coffee yet

  • Yo Mama

    I hear she’s a virgin

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  • meh

    average anywhere outside of UF.

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  • Jon

    Eh…. hit it and quit it
    Hot, not hottest

  • no way

    *yawn* no way is “this” number one. she’s not even in the top 20

    Chive, c’mon, you post girls in the “daily randoms” that make this chick look like a dog.

    is she cute? of course, but i know dozens of average guys (me included) and gals that have dated hotter.

    and in some pictures she does look like she’s in her 30’s

    i give her a solid 6.5

  • jay

    Cutie…. She's very cute #1 i don'nt think so. I would Happily date her though

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