Danielle Wolfe named the #1 College Woman of the Web (24 Photos)

daniele wolfe lead Danielle Wolfe named the #1 College Woman of the Web (24 Photos)

Danielle Wolfe’s road to internet fame started with a risky, yet tasteful photo shoot for Campuslol (her dad wasn’t thrilled). From there, the University of Florida student made it all the way to G4tv.com’s #1 College Woman of the Web. Danielle is surprisingly well-spoken and down to earth in this video considering how scorching hot she is… BUT now she’s arrived at the CHIVE’s doorstep and, with 1 Million users a day, I think the Chivers have the right to weigh in. Is Danielle the #1? I took the liberty of digging up a forgotten video she made at Florida U for ya’. Give her both barrels, guys and gals. Do it for your country.
Oh, and here’s her Twitter page. I’m sure she’ll have something to say about us in a bit.

(Photo source, here, here here)

  • anon

    nasal annoying voice due to her snub nose. she is a two bagger, one for yourself just in case hers falls off

  • Cruisin4boobsN

    What’s her major….cock?

  • Robby

    BTW it seems like Congressman Kucinich is ardealy on it, so the lightweights at the NYT who sucked up to Cheney ET AL in the run up to the illegal Iraqi War need not bother their pretty but empty heads.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.pitman.71 Brian Pitman

    Go Gators! I live in Gainesville and that sweater makes her 10 times hotter for it,!

  • Gator

    Waking up next to her every day of your life would be great. How could you ever have a bad day when it would start out sooo good? Stay grounded an down to earth girl an you'll always loved.

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