Crazy faces! (21 photos)

I could not find the name of this photographer, so if you know the photographer, please email me at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com so I can link to his/her website and give credit. Thanks!
UPDATE: Thanks to David, the badass behind these photos for reaching out. He goes by Protomesh and you can see his grat art right here. And here is his deviantART page

  • Phil

    wierd… and cool. looks like drawings… or just shopped pictures… *shrug

  • Joe Clyde

    Pretty kewl

  • aaron

    I hope my kids never see those…scary looking people, with terrible skin.

  • that guy

    This guy should design the zombies for the next left 4 dead

  • vitorla


  • anon

    you sure that’s photography? skeptical hippo is skeptical

    • klown

      They’re photos… chances are, shot with a lens baby, or something similar and then created to look like HDR images

  • PooPooCachoo

    That’s what I see every ‘morn in the mirror before my first cup of COFFEE.

  • Aditya

    Some of these faces look like the guys from the early Road Rash games.

    • Quest

      Yeah they totally look like the Road Rash people, ah the good old days. That game rocked.

      • Paid for nothin'

        Yeah that game rocked!!! I can still hear the theme song.

  • nelly02

    brilliant! love to know what he/she used. they look like street people to me.


    Maaan they’re awesome!! Pff they’re really great.. I liked them very much , every single one.. great work who ever he/she is! hope you find the name so we could see a little more of his art :))))))

  • meow

    reminded me of jill greenberg’s work…

    awesome job

  • sam

    One of the scariest posts ever! DX

  • HellHathNoFury

    Damn, that’s hot!

  • Doodeman

    no, seriously, HOW IS IT DONE?!
    this effect.. its the greatest!
    i’ve seen hdr btw but its nothing like this, the dark strokes and all the contrast.. its crazy, i wanna know

  • Regina

    DRUGS + ALCOHOL= DONT MIX KIDS….just dont mix them.

  • showtownman

    All of ’em look like photorealism paintings to me. Hey, just guessin’ here. But that’s the look, anyway.

  • klown

    Google HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos (and photoshop tutorials) to see more and find out how to do it.

  • Nolly

    Please tell me those are moles

  • :))

    nice as an artist, f***ing horrible for my eyes

  • scrunchedupwords

    They just look like dirty people.

  • Backwards Bandit

    they look pretty cool although its not photo shopped the pictures where taken by a very special camara lins that blows your face up into this.

  • g-g

    those faces are very scary to me im a child 😛

  • road rash

    i want to smash some guys on the bikes now.
    with a chain

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