Russian club girls, I want to go to there (25 Photos)

russian club lead Russian club girls, I want to go to there (25 Photos)

  • listerin

    all take 'em all

    • DodoBird

      WOW most of them are hot but a few look like you could fvck em once and then run

    • notarussian

      Lol! The no. 1 is a friend of mine and I’m not even Russian, nor living in Russia. 😀 That’s a first.

    • ruffestneckaround


  • top dog

    Whats with the sucky faaaccceEE!!!!!!! just stand there and take the damn picture. Geeeeshh!!!.

  • BillyBlaze

    “Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out
    They leave the West behind
    And Moscow girls make me sing and shout
    That Georgia’s always on m-m my mind”

  • Rav

    Wait no duckfaces? No tongues sticking out? No I didn’t know club photos like this existed.

  • that guy

    Russian women may be hot but they can also kill you with words…and that makes them scary

  • kissmygrits

    I’ve been to Russia, and the women there are AMAZINGLY hot. Everywhere. It’s stupid.

    • Big Bob

      Yes, it’s almost unthinkable for a Russian or Ukrainian woman to leave the house without putting on makeup and looking their best. I know it’s a broken record by now but you also don’t see the same amount of fat that you see in the U.S.

      Is it just me or does #4 look like a hotter version of Kristen Wiig (from SNL)?

      • ROR

        Number 4 is definately hot, but I dunno about hotter than Kristen Wiig, she’s fucking amazingly hot.

  • razor

    Eat-a potatoe why dontcha! Too skinny.

  • StudleyPendejos

    Not a necessarilly flattering assortment of photos. I’d be afraid of catching herpe-syphilitis with a side of crabs.

  • ozzie

    Wow russian brunettes are better american brunettes

  • redhatsociety

    wow im half norwegian half pakistani, i look like a lot of nationalities but judging from this assortment of pictures i could easily imitate a russian as well

  • jtjt43

    30 Rock reference in the title?

  • Mattythegooch

    Pass the vodka……that gave me a raging-semi!!!!!

  • Warped

    I am in complete agreement. I’ve seen some smokin Russian girls and this AIN”T it. Most of these girls have a case of the MAN FACE. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though.

    • Warped

      As in complete agreement with StudleyPendejos

  • billthewelder

    Some of them are not Russian if its not obvious but regardless most all are very attractive.

    • Warped

      Are you still raggin’ a bit there buddy?

  • Dingo

    need to learn a new language….

  • DaddyD

    I am in Moscow as I write this. Just got back from a night of clubbing in 0F weather. Some of these ladies are hot, but the real thing is better. The women here are to die for.

  • markkens

    daddyD chive us some of those Moscow laaaadies….

  • aaron

    crazy commies……………………..

  • goposaur


  • Anonymous

    They look as cheap as they probably are.

  • this guy

    what’s with the noses =S

  • yana

    i love being the only russian chick at my school.

  • russia

    In Russia, pictures take you!

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