25 Sexy Motivational posters

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  • Anonymous


  • Gallus

    "Curves – God's best invention"

    By golly, I think "Halleluiah, Amen" is an appropriate response.

    Thanks, guys. I am MOTIVATED!

  • mike

    please somebody tell me who the "curves" girl is…

    Also, the when you see it picture. Look closely…some of the girls are holding the boobs of the girl behind them

  • K-VON

    Nailed it!

  • J-Train

    "When you see it you won't be surprised"

    Notice the only one with the wrong leg up is the BLONDE!

  • davo

    how many "their tits are too big" commenters have flat chested girlfriends, I wonder.

  • Chandler

    great pictures, especially emma as always

  • http://www.facebook.com/vietredneck Sam Nguyen

    Four of the pictures posted are of Denise Milani. She's all real. Look it up!

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    Kim looks good! It’s sort of… okay… but Miley does look naked.
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