Celebrity pill portraits (5 photos)

Jason Mecier is the talented artist behind these portraits.

  • 13don

    there is a movie that ends with such a portrait. anybody know the name? i forgot it.

    • mook

      It was the porn your mother and I made.

  • Anonymous

    So when you said “5 photos” you didn’t mean 5 DIFFERENT photos. lol

  • mook

    What a waste, some idiot could be over dosing on all those… Glued down like that they are of no use.

    • mook

      I don’t quite understand the people displayed either. Keith Ledger, Kelly Osbourne?, Courtney Love, and Jacko… Two are dead, not both from pills. And the girls are still alive…

      Is this supposed to be something like, ha-ha they take drugs. If that is the case 95% of America takes drugs, get used to it.

      • BillyBlaze

        Courtney the murderer should be dead by now. How sad.

        • Da Cuntstabber

          She killed an overrated cunt. Brian bless 'er!!

  • Missing

    Where is Bozo the Clown’s portrait of pills

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  • Yo Mama

    hmmm….a glass of water over here please??

  • (A)

    is it a bad sign that the first thing I thought was “where did he get all these”?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh My God that’s hilarious Heath Ledger made of pills, get it? You are what you eat, haha. Not funny. o_0
    I wonder if this is a Hollywood pill dealer’s hit list.

  • blueberryvoodoo

    bwaawww, sad heath, but awesome

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