I just hate when I get arrested in my mascot costume (22 photos)

  • Frearthandox

    I wonder the reasoning behind most of these.

  • Dingo

    this is the storm trooper we’re looking for

  • top dog

    All them idiots deserved to get arrested. Anybody crazy enought to walk around dressed like that should be in jail…..for a little while anyway, until they sober up. Hehehehe!!!!

  • mook

    How they going to arrest a giant black cow man?

    • Anonymous

      That is not a man.

  • BillyBlaze

    Did Snow White eat the seven dwarves?

  • paul c

    “ronald” is a green party member from new zealand that has just been made a member of parliament, its a sad world when tossers like this are taken seriously

  • Pavlovs Dong

    You laugh now, but that cow raped and murdered a white woman…

    • Vroom


  • Shannon

    That woman in the cow suit was chasing some kids, peed on a porch and blocked traffic…gotta love Ohio.

  • lolz

    the last one looks like paul stanley with colored hair and colorful clothes :p

  • slim

    i wanted to see pedobear

  • kales

    Kate Goselin (sp?) is now a cop?

  • kp

    PLEASE arrest all of the clowns!!!!!……

  • Gonz

    most of these guys seem like protesters! Good for them! pelea contra la maquina!

  • Joel

    I want to see someone getting arrested as the Hamburgler for stealing hamburgers from McDonald's.

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