The Mercedes CLK Shooting Brake concept (20 photos)

  • Bogdan


  • stafferty

    two words, road trip.

  • KD

    nice. that would give rolls royce a run for their money

  • jaydub2xx

    i wonder how much trade i would get for my 97 grand voyager???………..

  • Matt

    wow thats nice. Buts its still a concept and i doubt that will ever make it to production. Maybe a custom build. still very nice.

  • billthewelder

    Nice but for a company thats been talking about going green you would think they would have not put wood into the interior and the cigars is really a bad touch.

    • CMG

      wood is “greener” than steel

      • CMG

        oops, I meant to say plastic

  • Insert Name Here

    Way to ruin the CLK…

  • Verona

    Fucking. Awesome. That is all.

  • snarkotron

    what does “Shooting Brake” have to do with anything???

  • Mordecai

    ugh, hell no. thank god it's a concept!
    damn ugly merc

  • keepinitreal

    How do you get into the back seat?

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