The most bizarre thing you’ll see today (5 Photos)

bizarre women lead The most bizarre thing youll see today (5 Photos)

So the two dudes in the lead photo there aren’t dudes at all, they’re women. The transgender couple have revealed they are expecting their gives birth first baby in a month’s time. Scott Moore- thought to be only the second ‘pregnant man’ to go public – is due to give birth to a boy in February, with husband Thomas by his side. Both have undergone extreme hormone treatment to look like rednecks from Mobile, Alabama. Read more about it here.

Original photos from the great izismile [dot] com

  • adam hulen

    Kill yourselves!! Please?

    • gma

      Yes that's an acceptable outcome.

  • upper low

    confirmed: that is the most bizarre thing i’ll see today

  • FOD

    My bizarre dosis is way more extreme than what i saw here, you have disapointed me.
    Today i saw my dog eat his own shit.
    now i just see some fags, who turn out to be women.

  • Paul winston

    how is a dog eating his own shit more bizarre than a man, beard and all, pregnant? I see dogs pull that shit all the time.


    “now i just see some fags, who turn out to be women”

    you forgot to mention that one of the fags happens to be pregnant

  • Inspi

    So much for eating lunch today…..

  • Mr. Irony

    Wow. Thanks Chive for ruining my day! Better get some hot chicks up here real quick!

    • confused

      i agree we need some hot women to be the lead topic and soon

  • Mustafa_Beer

    What’s more bizzare is it only took 2 kids to keep the dog in the picture. I figure that dog would have been snarling and snapping

  • urlrich

    kid in lead photo, far right, is going to be some kind of trouble in a couple years.

  • NTFW

    gonna be one hella scary roid-ed out baby…. will make an awesome

  • Big Tuna

    What the eff?

  • mook


    We let these people have sex changes? Great thing to be showing their now 3 children.

    • ladyguitarstar

      Thats 5 words.

      • mook

        Ya but… seriously, 5 hours later this stuff is disturbing.

        If that woman getting hormone therapy is pregnant, or has had therapy before she was pregnant, or whatever… That baby was most likely a boy no matter what, forced sex.

        This crap where “I was born this and I am that” gay, a tiger, a god damn shoe… seriously, You are what you are, deal with it tard, 6billion of us deal with it and can make good lives.

  • confused

    goddamn these people just keep getting odder and odder

  • get_real

    its not a “pregnant man” its an “ugly pregnant woman who wishes she was a man”. Im waiting for the huge news fiasco of “woman gets man pregnant in bizarre sex-change experiment”

  • top dog

    They are not men, they are women that had……changes. What you are looking at is not a pregnant man, what you are looking at is a pregnant woman that look like a man. Men can’t get pregnant.

  • Joey

    Exactly, people are retarded. They are not men! As much as they would like to be, they are still women inside hence to have a baby aint no miracle. Im waiting for someone to say “its beautiful”, they bother me even more. Worlds going to hell man if this is the norm..

  • Joey

    Btw not safe for work, thats a chicks nip. Of all the ones to slip through this is what we get chive? Very disappointed..

  • Olthuggie

    There is no God.

  • Shadow Sterks

    Just wow. I’m sorry, but those two are fucked!!!!!!! kids are not far off too.

  • nosouldance

    I hope the baby comes out looking like the ra-tard from The Goonies

  • Nick4444

    So… who would the child look like? If it’s a boy, it looks like the parents. If it’s a girl… it looks like…?

  • dino goposaur

    I don’t get it. Rednecks all look alike to me.

  • Mattythegooch

    C’mon sammich, stay in my fucking stomach!!!!! That is gnar gnar!!

  • Warped

    That is so disgusting I dont even know where to start! What are people thinking these days….. I dont get it!

  • Zahur

    I’m not going to lie……..I find this weird.

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