The most bizarre thing you’ll see today (5 Photos)

bizarre women lead The most bizarre thing youll see today (5 Photos)

So the two dudes in the lead photo there aren’t dudes at all, they’re women. The transgender couple have revealed they are expecting their gives birth first baby in a month’s time. Scott Moore- thought to be only the second ‘pregnant man’ to go public – is due to give birth to a boy in February, with husband Thomas by his side. Both have undergone extreme hormone treatment to look like rednecks from Mobile, Alabama. Read more about it here.

Original photos from the great izismile [dot] com

  • P-90

    Blaarrgghh, that’s just wrong on sooo many levels. (The poor fucking kids are going to get such a variety of beatings througout their school lives)

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    […] This link is quite disturbing. What happens when you have two transgendered women who want to have a baby? You get two people who look like dudes, and one of them just plain looks fat. Can’t even tell there’s a baby in there. And I’m sure it’ll have the most lovingest environment ever in which to grow up. But seriously…that thing got pregnant? I’m all for fighting for the RIGHT to have babies if you’re a man, but this is all sorts of confusing, and it’ll probably hurt your head afterwards. So come right back because the next video will make you laugh. […]

  • ozzie

    this is fucking nasty yo….plain and simple…need a hot chicks post after this or i’m done!You can tell the kid on the right is gonna be a super-fag too

  • pukeinmymouth

    So let me see here……both are originally women, who feel like they should be men, but one of them wants to have a baby like a woman, but still wants to be a man, but can’t afford the gender reassignment operation, so he/she is still a woman, but wants to be a man in a relationship with another woman, who is a man, but they both still have boobs.

  • Simpson

    hoax anyone?

  • Schlag

    What’s up with the creepy looking kid in the top picture?

  • Regina


  • Sylvia

    Wow did most chivers grow up seriously sheltered. To me its no different than a lebian or gay couple rasing children. Its hard for someone to get full gender reassignment surgery. So instead of going through adoption why not use the parts you have?

    • Warped

      Why not do it right? Because these freaks are doing it WRONG!

      Go be gay somewhere else! It’s not right for gays to adopt, that just helps pass on homosexuality to young kids who dont understand. Homosexuality is the most disgusting thing on the face of the earth!

      • Da Cuntstabber

        No, it's cunts like you.

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  • Ken

    If they are getting medical treatment to be men,then why would one want to become pregnant? And why would a doctor treat a woman as a transgender who wants to bear a child? It seems to me that any doctor who would do such a thing is operating outside normal ethics.

    If you are a woman who wants to be a man, fine. But a person cannot be a man psychologically and want to bear children. So why the male hormones?

    And pregnant by whom?

    I tend to think it is a hoax because it doesn’t make any sense.

    And on a purely personal note of aesthetics: YUUUUUCK!

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  • pathetic

    the longer i live the more i look forward to death…

  • Ppall2644

    To the comments registered above: chill.

  • tomobmc

    the fact that some only find this gross, or that some aren’t freaked out by it is alarming. Do I think we ought to be cruel to these women, and shun them because their sexual identity is confused? No. But should we train physicians and license them to mutate folks into dual-gender fertile men? As a society should we be enabling people to think rasing kids in this environment is ok? I’m not talking about legally, I’m just talking about socially. These two ladies (not nice to call them ugly) needed more love and acceptance ealier in their lives, not the false acceptance of political correctness they get today. They are the victims here and it is our (society’s) fault.
    Also, doesn’t this give a whole new crazy meaning to the expression “hey, go F*** yourself”?

  • HepaB

    hmmmm,.. ok. Hope they live happily I guess.

    • Lucy

      How did it get knocked down? No reptros of a downed F15 on the news that I have seen? The clip I saw of a crashing jet on fire was that of a Mig-23 Flogger. Any ideas?

  • Deek

    What happened to good old fashioned cross dressing? Throw on a suit, cut your hair short, pencil in some facial hair and deal with it.

    • Nycolle

      If you go, I’d definitely rnecmmoed stopping by Prince Ranier III’s car collection museum (yes, they stuck a bunch of his cars in a museum). Hard to say what the most badass thing there was, the Lamborghini Countach 500 was pretty righteous, but I couldn’t get over the fact that he owned two F1 racers.

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  • Equalizer

    Typical Average Hillbilly Family in Alabama.

  • Anonymous

    you know.. It’s not really all that odd.. Since he used to be a she. So s/he has all his/her lady-parts, I guess.. And such.. there really isn’t anything weird.. Now.. If s/he was a real man.. Born that way and such.. THEN I’d be in shock. But no.. It’s just a woman who got some hormone therapy and such to be a man.. (Which.. I’m not too sure that’s healthy if you’re pregnant. =\ )

  • Anonymous

    So many people have said hurtful things about the family in the photos and made comments about how these people "should" live their lives. Exactly when did it become your business? Yes, I know, the article is there for the entire population to read. Magazine stands with celebrities' personal lives are also right there in Wal*Mart for me to read. I choose not to read them. Because their personal life is none of my business, nor is it yours.

    The only reason people say they hate something is because they are unable to understand it.

    • Nonny

      Looks like lots of fun! We love Easton that running top is super-cute, I might have to look for one.We laid prtety low, went to the Jeffersonville outlets on Saturday and prtety much relaxed the rest of the weekend. It was glorious!Sara recently posted..

  • Da Cuntstabber

    I'm not going to lie, what a beautiful set of idiots you all are. Hope the best for the couple, live yer life the way you want and may Brian Cohen bless you and yer children

  • Jocko

    Why is it when a women does the transgender thing but keeps her vagina and has a kid, the media goes all, "Pregnant Man! ZOMG!" They're not men. They have VAGINAS. This isn't a real life Junior, It's women with beards. It's not that interesting.

  • DrInsane2U

    That's it where's my bat

    • Daniel

      Viking Base Jumping Will Never Be The Same The Chive Another hot chick with chronic same-face diesdror (Photos) Hollywood Tuna Victoria

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