• Darren

    awesome kitty

  • Matt

    that cat is my hero!!! 1 more reason to love cats!

  • Leo

    Did anyone else notice the child seat sitting in the driveway? And there’s bears in the forest..

    • Bob

      In the Far East children are trained to fight for themselves at infancy. Fact

  • gonzomania

    Someone needs to pin a medal on that cat.

  • paid for nothin'

    The real bummer is that the bear still stole the trash making it less scared to come around humans or cats in order to eat. Based on personal experience living in a mountain town with bears, next time if there’s no trash, that cat will make a nice little snack.

    • paid for nothin'

      Oh… Most importantly after the cat is killed and the bear breaks into houses to steal food, the bear gets killed because it has become unafraid of humans and their pets. In Mammoth Lakes we keep our trash locked up, so the bears won’t have to be killed. We actually lost 5 this year because of human interactions.

  • http://ziprage.com/news/hilarious-stuff/bear-cat-crazy-video/ Bear vs Cat // Crazy Video | ZipRage // Men's Lifestyle

    […] Source: The Chive […]

  • xyz

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