Oh, Herrrrrrroo! (30 photos)

  • NTFW


  • HellHathNoFury

    Herro, nurse! Great post!

  • timishue

    Anyone know what type of birds are in Pic 10? Been tryna find out what they are called for ages…

    • CHOO

      I think they’re kookaburras.

    • boneman

      the rare and near extinct bird is called the photoshopped bird.

      Meanwhile, I think the deers are about to ‘Billy Jack’ that carrot away from the nice snowman…

    • Aussie

      They’re tawny frogmouths

  • ChrisDG74

    Herrrro Ra Ra.

    • blueberryvoodoo

      NOOOO, have disgraced my famiry

  • Pavlovs Dong

    Kim Jong Il’s lookin a little sloppy these days

  • chocolate

    Why are there so many chinese people in harrow?

    Cos when they get in the taxi after getting off the plane the first thing they say is ‘herrro’.

  • russia

    oh no its manbearpig

  • Regina

    and most of us just spent more than 2 minutes on the picture with the asses! good job guys…..so did i…..hahaha…

    chive on!

  • kp

    Standing bear cub in road is showing his ‘tude!

  • InspectMyClouseau

    MJ and Phil FTW!

  • Jabba

    Is thet Salacious Crumb sitting in the tire that’s hanging? (3rd from bottom). He owes me money!

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