What is it about glasses that make chicks hotter? (30 Photos)

  • Pants

    Glasses: making ugly blondes tolerable since the dawn of time.

  • HellHathNoGlasses

    lasik is cool too!!

  • HellHathNoGlasses

    who is the asian chic at the end??

    • Jon

      The “asian chick” is not asian. That last pic is Lisa Loeb, a singer from the late ’90s. I think she still does stuff, though. Very underrated hottie, I might add.
      I liked this list. Yes, glasses can make a girl hotter. I can just imagine if any of them have an Australian or English accent to boot. That would be perfection in my book.

  • totallyunwhack

    the only reason why the glasses make the girls look hot is because they’re already hot girls that happen to be wearing glasses. glasses don’t actually make someone better looking, just distracts from anything hideous.

    • JaydeMarie

      That Is Extremely Rude, Girls With Glasses Sometimes Attract More Guys Because It Makes Them Look Sophisticated

  • ozzie

    it just adds a different element i think…that and boobage…alyssa milano on the other hand can wear a clown outfit and i’d still tag her

  • poop

    who is number 13?

  • zutroy

    who is 26 and 17?

  • forge

    The fourteenth and fifteenth, small boobs are complete win, besides the fact they’re beautiful otherwise.

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  • top dog

    I know what make em hot to me, I like to see how long it will take me to make them glasses fog up. That and the fact that glasses make any woman look sexy….all but one.

  • http://www.myspace.com/silentshotmusic moy

    Who knows who 24 is!???
    The lil asian hottie!!

    • st

      I think you are talking about elly tran ha

  • Rod

    Pretty sure I see clit on 5.

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  • http://rustydavies.com Russell Davies

    The glasses on the fourth woman down do a great job fitting into her facial shape and letting us still see her eyes, subtle eye makeup. and her eyebrows clearly–though I wouldn't pick them out from a selection of frames by themselves. Plus they're right in the middle an outstanding display of hair, wonderful complexion, and lovely lips.

  • Why Not?

    makes them look smart. not all of us guys like dealing with bimbos.

  • http://lasiksingapore.org eliza

    My bf loves its wear I wear glasses. he says i remind him of his teacher!!

  • Anonymous

    It does a person to their eyes more and more intelligent looking, not that once they talk that they are. But the look is hot to me.

  • Major Kelly

    My theory is that 1) Girls who wear glasses aren't hung up on their looks. Otherwise, they wouldn't wear glasses. 2) It indicates that they MAY not realize how beautiful they are. And every guy knows that if you can make a woman feel beautiful, you're in.

  • Geo

    Glasses don't make chicks hotter.

  • http://www.myspace.com/eytanmirsky Not Eytan Mirsky

    Take a listen to Eytan Mirsky's song "When Good Girls Go Bad" and you will get the answer to your question.

  • joggio

    Who IS numer 27??!!

  • someone

    26th are elly tran, a vietnamese.

  • pharap

    You may have a glasses-fetish. Please consult TV tropes and call me in 5 days. If symptoms persist, get a job at an opticians.

  • http://www.luxokulary.pl/ Okulary Korekcyjne

    Whis is the chick in the red glasses, 6th from the bottom? I’ve seen her before.. Smokin.

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