You couldn’t have chosen a worse spot, lil’ guy (7 Photos)

What really happened…
tiger add You couldnt have chosen a worse spot, lil guy (7 Photos)

  • Ryan

    the 2nd to last photo is pure hilarious terror

    • sebastiano

      is it a joke image? or elsewhere what demonstration of power, what force against a poor animal… really disgusting

      • sebastiano

        I saw some similar scenario in some youtube china zoo videos, that is humanly poor to go there…

    • asian dude

      this f*&K show is in china zoo, some time they feed them with cow. may be with homeless in future. : (

  • Darren

    i can tell by the pixels…

  • Itedza

    I think the only survivor was the Tiger in the Ninja Motorcycle.

  • aaron

    IT’S A TRAP!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Just like at HOOTERS… you can never get enough wings

  • at work

    haha nice

  • Mr. Irony

    Peta is prolly have a shit fit right now.

  • top dog


    • top dog

      A oh sh-t moment if I ever saw one.

  • HellHathNoFury

    B@D R35PAWN!!!1!

  • Csg


  • Regina

    AWWW…..why ruin the ending chive????..i was hoping for the best…

  • deadmode

    What really happened…LMAO

  • lina7217

    you are right Ryan. second to last pic makes me laugh and i feel guilty for laughing lol

  • papasmurf

    Dem sum hungry pussies !

  • Anonymous

    this is not fair

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  • KKK

    China…. well… in the Back of the Beyond they have their prisoners!

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