Hot Right Now: There’s something flirty about a girl sticking out her tongue (49 Photos)

Chivers, what’s the weirdest thing on your desk right now?! (100 Photos!!!)

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emily add Chivers, whats the weirdest thing on your desk right now?! (100 Photos!!!)
Alight Chivers, you’re bored off your ass at work/school/strip club right now so let’s have some fun. Snap a photo of the weirdest thing on your desk right now and send it to thechivesubmit [at]

gmail [dot]

com. Be sure to include your name and location – unless it’s really weird and you wish to remain anonymous (specify if necessary).
You have exactly 2 hours STARTING NOW. I’ll post the photos as soon as they come in so move it. Do it for your country!

Chive On!
John n’ Leo

UPDATE: Thanks to the 400+ Chivers who sent in photos. We’re going to start rolling out crowd sourcing posts 2x/week so look out and get your photos on the CHIVE front page!

  • vitorla

    My desk is far too boring for this (it just smells of rich mahogany). I’ll hit you guys up next time.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yay Maybelle made the Chive! Emily is a raging hottie, by the way.
    And the spray can lights are awesome! Can I steal that idea, plzkthx?

  • Warped

    Chiver BOB:

    Your future wife is smokin’! Congrats to you buddy!

    Can she beat you in that game?

    • vitorla

      If not, I’m sure she can beat him in other ways. *zing*

  • Laura

    Chip you are in Fairfax VA too??!! Awesome!!!

  • drainbrain

    whats that shit in the jar

  • Bob

    Everyone…this was fun. Lets do this again sometime, huh?

  • fz

    Did anyone else notice that rubber face with the one distended bloody eye looks an awful lot like Angelina Jolie😮

  • bianka

    My favourite is Al the Alpaca:D Thaz pic. made my day. Too bad I haven’t got here earlier, I’m going to bed in a minute:D So making my day was a total waste… Loveyouchive from Hungary:)

    • vitorla

      Meg egy magyar!!!!

  • InspectMyClouseau

    Pete from South Bend,

    Mixing drug paraphernalia and preserved reptile heads never seemed so…en vogue. touche

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  • P-90

    Hold on, is the guy in the cheesy 80’s pic Chris Benoit?

  • Anonymous

    2.4 k.d. yeah right.

  • Regina

    In case of emergency…….oh i loved it!…Grey goose!!!!!!!!

  • Merovingian

    I have some Aftershave in the shape of 4 sticks of TNT

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