If you’re lookin’ to laugh at douchebags, I’ve got good news (22 Photos)

  • smick

    For the love of all that is holy in the world, Willy Wonka must be stopped from breeding his killer army of Uruk-Loompas. They wont be coming to make chocolate kiddies, they’ll be coming to steal your souls. Be afraid, be very afraid…………..

  • Anon

    I loled at the indians, they think they are people!!!

  • smick

    I hear they even have their own propoganda show……. Not being from Loompaland, I have not seen it, but it has sent shockwaves across the Old World.

  • aaron

    this is why I am pro-choice.

  • (A)

    Fact: if you have ever pointed at the person next to you in a picture while making a duckface, you’re a douchebag.

  • Vicious Delicious

    Where is the douchebag in pic 2? All I see are BOOOOBS!!!

  • m

    The guy in pic abouve the group in blue is at a BODYBUILDING competition. Clearly none of you have any idea what that’s about ands why he PAINTED his skin that color.

    • Sarcastic

      oh well that makes it ok then

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  • Regina

    This is where I feel better about myself……..

    Chive on

  • mook

    Speaking of douche bags, how come you all haven’t at the chive allowed people to post to your bios? You list it as a entry for today 02-09-2010

    Afraid of what might be said?

  • beeefy

    #16 looks like the band atreyu

  • anmil

    Too bad these are not numbered. It would be much easier to comment on specific pictures. The guy is the second picture isn't too bad, but some of these other ones really are serious douche-bags.

  • rrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    So many dicksmokers!

  • Bang2theFace

    So a group of ppl act different than the majority… Who would have known?!

  • Virginia

    Fake 'n Bake: you're doing it wrong.

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