Nice hotel, I mean cruise ship (30 Photos)

huge cruise ship 34 Nice hotel, I mean cruise ship (30 Photos)

Built in 2002 for a paltry $350 Million, The Brilliance of the Seas is one of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships. One side of the boat contains an entire acre of glass so you can see the ocean wherever you are on the ship. There’s a full theater in this beast as well to compliment the 5 swimming pools. Moral of the story – If you take a date on this boat and don’t get laid, go ahead and throw yourself overboard, ’cause it’s never going to happen for you.

  • Krimreaper

    I imagine that’s what the inside of my balls look like. Just the people are still sperm and stuff.

  • Al

    I wonder how many of those balls off the court they lose to the sea each year. And what do all those employees sleeping quarters look like.

    • SaintxXxAsh

      The basketball court is enclosed with netting, so im assuming they lose very few balls off the court unless its purposely done.

  • vitorla

    Hey boat, *poke*, I want you.

  • top dog

    Thats a good question, the thing is, no body knows unless they are part of the crew. I went on a five day cruise to Mexico, there were parts of the ship that was off limits to the passengers, I figured they were crew quaters. The crew was international and they were very friendly. I think everybody should take a cruise at least once in their life, you will never forget it.

    • uberbrie

      wow thanks for the amazing observation and stupendous advise!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Hey, being obnoxious and giving drawn-out stories is MY job.
      *mumbles* take one day off…ONE…and some kid thinks he can muscle in on my job…newbs..they don’t know nothin about hard trolling.

  • Bobby Dan

    why are cruises full of old people?

    • Lang

      Actually, they are typically filled with
      1) lazy foodies (ppl who like to stuff their faces).
      2) party people who hang at the pool/clubs

      Unfortunately, the sheer size of the people in group #1 kinda makes finding group #2 more difficult (like finding Waldo).

    • Gutterville

      Becuase they have the time and the money to go on a cruise

    • schango

      I am looking forward to getting old

  • Lang

    You think that’s a ship? Check out the new Oasis. Zip line on board, floating bar, etc.

  • Matt

    i laughed at the tuxedo retails pic then while i was still laughing i abruptly stopped and my jaw dropped as i saw the arcade room pic. OMG I WANT TO GO THERE!!!!

  • billemazing

    The robe-bunny with shades is a nice touch.

  • Leonardo

    I think there’s a roll to the left… no to the right… no to the left ( ad finitum) on that pool table 🙂

  • somethings

    I think a lot of cruise ships have similar luxury as the pictures here. I had the good fortune of getting taken on a cruise and our ship had all of the same accommodations. Needless to say, I have never been in or on something so spectacular in my life.

    • Omar

      I went on a star cruises ship called the VIRGO, it is also huge, but not as huge as this ship, it looks like the same company because of the interior and the furniture that they use are also similar. if i wanted to post those pictures so that people can see what i’m talking about how do i go about that?

    • Jacqueline

      This ship doesn’t appear to be much different from the Norwegian Dawn or Norwegian Star

  • Markkens

    Cause your young ass will never afford it, all buyin’ crack ‘n shit

  • Lor

    … SHIT.
    An arcade, a library, AND endless oportunities for exploration?
    I am so there.

  • eric

    The crew quarters are pretty cramped but they typically have their own facilities including bars. It maybe be cramped down there, but if you think the passengers have wild parties, you should see the crew. 🙂

  • Blegh

    Honestly, all cruise ships have this stuff, it’s not that special. The only thing I see here that I haven’t seen on a cruise ship before is the helicoptor landing pad

  • blah

    This ship is definitely unsinkable, what with her double hull, 16 water tight compartments, and watertight bulkhead deck. Bon voyage!

    • Jacqueline

      saying something is unsinkable is like saying something is idiot proof: you’re just asking for someone to prove you wrong

  • tolazytothinkofaname

    im pretty sure that this ship can be sunk. probably not from an iceberg but it is definately not ‘unsinkable’

    • time

      imagine a giant sea-monster eating that, the ocean is f-ing big its scares me

  • charlies

    guess someone has never been on a cruise ship before, cause this looks like every other cruise ship i’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    Jaipur rajasthan india wooooooooow flabergastic its my dream to working here

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