It’s Friday, you could use some new photobombs (24 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivers who sent in photobombs this week. Keep ’em coming to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com

Chive On!

John n’ Leo

  • chiver

    some good 1’s

  • Beeker

    Does that girl in the last pic have any flesh left on her, or is it all plastic?

    • Doctor X

      You realize there’s no plastic involved in plastic surgery, right?

      • your dick


  • Charlie

    some of these bombs are really getting good

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or the girl in the last pic look like a bad marilyn monroe?

    • Ken

      She looks more like the Joker (early version) after a sex change. What is more likely to be true, that the Earth will break orbit and plunge towards the sun in the next twenty minutes or, her tits are real?

      The three panel shopped bomb = LOL!

  • LOL

    Kid in the pink & black wrestling suit…think he’s going to be in the WWF/gay? 🙂 He’s got the “I AM ALL THAT attitude down. 😉

  • stafferty

    just when you thought it was safe… penis photobomb

  • vitorla

    HAHAHA…the kid in the first picture is hysterical. Nice win, little guy, nice win.

    • exexec

      Not to mention it’s sort of a double bomb…check the cat’s eye peeking through from the poster behind them.

  • StrapOnThatJammyPac

    The shopped/bomb with the three girls is my favorite, the girl in the black actually looks real!
    The one with the girls that are about to kiss is pretty good and the last one is horrific!
    Great post!!

  • antdak

    HA even horses like sex on the beach!

  • norm

    More brides showing us their gams, please. You’ve been doing a good job of that as of late.

  • Nick4444

    That 3rd pic is one epic bomb.

  • Regina

    Well the “makes my self look better” bunch is back!

    Chive on

  • boneman


  • ladyguitarstar

    I liked the dogbomb behind the girl who should be in a one piece.

  • dos santos

    the kid on 1st is one of my fav ever.
    great tiger

    • inspectmyclouseau

      i know that kid is ballin. CLASSIC. seems like something i would do. that ‘triple’ pic photobomb face is hilarious too.

  • shockresistant

    the aphex twin / windowlicker one ( 3 girls – guys face shopped on em )is just scary. that said i was tempted to do something similar a few weeks back with a series of duckpose photos.

  • David

    OMG Amanda Leporebomb! That’s amaaaazing (She’s the tranny in the last pic).

  • BrockSamsonSimpson

    Amanda Lepore and David LaChapelle in the last photo there. Love them.


    that tri pic thingy is so cool and hilarious! my tummy's aching laughing

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