Scene girls. Annoyingly hot. (22 photos)

  • Whattahottie

    Does anyone know the girl in pic 12? Name? Myspace? Other pics? Help me out if you can

    • mook

      I don’t sorry. In any case if I did why would I post her information here for you? Go back to masturbating over your family pictures and leave the internet to people who understand what is going on. Thank you!

      • Whattahottie

        whoa chill out

        • X

          agreed, why the fuck do you want her myspace? wow.. desperate much? its called go out to the mall or a bar in real life and find a girl. nobody likes internet stalkers, even if u did get it,, what are you gonna say.. ‘i saw your picture on the internet randomly and thought you were cute so i asked EVERY single person on the internet for your myspace!’ thats real impressive.. clearly someone doesnt know how to get women.

    • Anonymous

      Her name is Katie Babyfayce and no she doesnt have any

    • gabe chavez

      yea im fucking dating her she lives in durango colorado

    • scenephreek

      1sther name is katie babyface, and 2nd dont listen to all those douches, especially the one that said hes dating her and she lives in durango colorado, which is funny cause she doesnt 🙂 3rd i dont think she has any, if she does go to youtube and look it up, but im sure many fakes would say their her, so dont listen, 4th its also funny to the mook user saying all that, its funny cause im shur thats what he does if he put it 🙂 i wouldnt have even said that for a comeback haha 🙂 good luck

    • emily

      brianna von leigh

    • josh

      Dose anyone know the name of 14 and 20?

  • ladyguitarstar

    Yeah, they’re def annoying.

    • mook

      I agree. You put enough makeup and the same fake crap hair style on any pig and they will look like this. Who said this look is the “big new thing”, it honestly looks like shit. Then they start wearing sweat pants, a tube top, and some uggs and think they look hot. Tell ya what there is a big group which have ratted hair, crazy makeup, sweats, sandals and snow boots on, THEY ARE CALLED BAG WOMEN and they are bums.

      • ratfans

        i disagree they are hot as hell, and i wish i could get me one..!!

    • One

      Tell you what, I would bone each and every one of these girls in any order.

  • tommybhoy

    At the end of the day….I would bone all of them. And thats what really matters

    • vanity lover


    • Payton Vanity

      I know all these girls would never ket you do that

  • Anonymous


  • Some guy

    I would love to put all these girls in a room…

    To show them how startlingly unoriginal they are.

    • Louise

      oh yeah, because everyone else is *so* original. There’s only so many ways you can dress and there’s always gonna be someone else who dresses a similar way…maybe they’re not trying to be original and they just like dressing like that? Anyway, they’re all stunning.

      • wcfloyd

        There is a difference between dressing like somebody else and then there is dressing up in a costume because you want to be different just like every other person who puts on the same costume to be different. It’s the same as the whole goth/punk genre.

        • (A)

          No, this is more trendy then goth or punk ever was. They’ve gone back to being a fringe movement anyways.

    • heh

      I’d like to put all these girls in a room…

      And making a fucking porno.

      • Dan73

        I’ll star in it..

        • mook

          I’d like to put all these girls in a room…
          Then put that room inside another room…
          And set it all on fire.

          • daduts

            mook is sooooo right. he must be one of those self-righteous people in the neighborhood. kudos to you mook! you are original and very mature. congratulations!

  • Wes

    Freddy photobombing pic 9

    • Rabid

      yeah, that's Elaina. Went on to be a Gods Girl. lol. We were pretty close.

  • ROR

    Yeah I'd fuck 'em, but it would have to be a hit-and-run, wouldn't want to lay in bed hearing about how unfair the world is and how no one understands them.

    • punkerchick:D

      ps asshole we're most of the time not like that we're really fun to be around

      • ScenelovelyXOXO

        God your a jerk. My friends and I would fuck you if our lives depended on it. We don't need stds. Oh and we usually don't complaine. We hold it all in.

  • rain

    Aww come on, almost every normal person goes through some freaky stage, these lil girls will grow up, mabe with a few extra holes tho. Blue eyes may just be the president some day.

  • top dog

    I don’t know about annoyingly hot but some of them do have pretty lipps.

  • Big Bob

    I’ve never been a fan of facial jewelry. In fact, I personally don’t believe that anything pink on a woman’s body should be pierced! Those are the fun parts and dammit, I don’t like metal in my mouth!

  • Mike

    What the hell is a “scene girl”?

    I must be older than I thought.

    • garp

      …I’m going to coin the next ‘look’ buzzword and be the Meister of this here Burgh, yeah

  • P-90

    Annoyingly hot?…..I think not, two or three are cute but the rest are just weird.

  • BillyBlaze

    Ramones FTW

  • Ken

    Good definition can be found on the Urban Dictionary or just Google it.

    Just another way to be “uniformly different.” Joining a group of other people to make a statement of how alienated you are seems a bit hypocritical to me, but whatever. Cute girls.

  • at work

    they look like they’re 15

    • ss^

      that's the point s^

  • vitorla

    These girls look like they’re all in high school. Does it make them less attractive? To my brain, yes….to my penis, no.

  • HellHathNoFury

    So pretty! All those hot Monroe upper lip piercings may look good, but let me tell you…there is no way to eat a popsicle…or anything else..with one. The back gets stuck under your teeth and pulls if you make the O-face. So forget about getting that from any of these chicks.

    • ladyguitarstar

      lol Fury. yeah burst their bubbles.

      • HellHathNoFury

        i’m going to have to change my handle to “Bubble Burster, Ruinator of Dreams!

        • mook

          “Douche bubble, yeaster of dreams”, I still hate you 😀 ❤

    • NELSON


  • confused

    sweet technical knowledge hellhatenofury, is that battle tested???

    • HellHathNoFury

      Sadly, yes, and I have the nasty oblong scar to prove it.

      • mook

        Some John pull a knife on ya in bed? Damn, quit hookin tricks.

        • HellHathNoFury

          You sure seem to know the lingo. I’m not one of your welfare office floozies, so please stop trying to ‘school me hard, mac Daddy G.’

          • Nateb123

            These really are some un-hot scene girls. I hate scene kids too but where I come from (Victoria, BC) the scene ladies certainly make it a LOT harder to hate them because they’re so damn good looking (and generally more tasteful with their clashing coloured clothes and less preteen-ly unimpressive). Plus where are the tattoos? If you don’t have a chest, neck or back tattoo, what kind of scene kid are you?

            • Nateb123

              Reply fail :/

  • Krashtester

    Do all these chicks have the same hair stylist? That guy must be making bank!

    America, Fuck Yeah! Time to save the motherfucking day now! Fuck Yeah!

  • StatchMan

    Makes me wish I was 30 again.

  • Sticks

    Even though I’m strongly anti-emo I find all of them attractive. I wish they only had just ear pierceings though. And I bet that all but a few of them are under age.

  • BrdrLnPeto

    Sometimes you just wanna break the law.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Of course you mean by killing pedo’s. Because other than that, you’re a douchekit.

      • mook

        stfu with your fake lingo. Douchekit? No.

        I now dub thee a tool box.

        And if that has to be explained well, your a box that tools put their tools in.

        • HellHathNoFury

          You may want to learn to spell before casting insults, so as not to seem more foolish than the person whom your insults are being cast to.

  • Mafia Wars

    Hahaha… the 6th girl is in my mafia wars member in facebook. add me lvl 190

  • Mackin

    Most of these are hot because a pic of a reasonably not-unattractive young woman with enough makeup, taken from the “Myspace” angle and overexposed basically makes women look pretty hot.

  • aaaa

    I like boobies. I do.

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