Snooki Bomber Photoshop Meme (50 photos and growing)

snooki shop crasher meme 71 Snooki Bomber Photoshop Meme (50 photos and growing)
A little Tumblr site by Sean Ahern had a great big idea to make Jersey Girl, Snooki (not Snookie) into a meme by photoshopping her pic into other famous pics. With help from our friends at, let’s make Snooki Bomber a Meme!

Wanna take a crack at Snooki Bomber? Save the Snookie cut-out pic below and let your imagination do the rest. Send all your Snooki-Shops into thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com and check back later to see if your masterpiece makes our gallery!

UPDATE: I know it’s the weekend but keep the photos coming, Chivers. The entire blogosphere is linking to this post so get moving. Do it for your country…
snookie cut out Snooki Bomber Photoshop Meme (50 photos and growing)

  • michelle

    Funny! Someone has a lot of time on thier hands.

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  • SykoFun

    This isn't funny it's torture! I make it a point to not absorb any of the idiocy this twat spews out and here, on my fav site—here It is. You're really reaching Chive, really reachin'….

  • Emma

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  • jeff

    ugh, waste of time and effort.

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