So when’s this hipster thing gonna die? (30 photos)

  • Babtridge

    everyone in this post looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    F^%$#&% Hipsters,….

  • Aaron

    These people just seem to be wearing random pieces of clothing. Is that why you call them hipsters? Is it really a genre/subgroup or just a name for offbeat lifestyles (which isn’t really new). In fact, half of these people seem more retro than anything else.

  • duder

    they forgot all the pictures of fixies on there.

  • Duderino

    Hey nice job putting your watermark over the original websites watermark is that fucking hipster or what?

  • meow!

    clown sweater picture is shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels. that and that is wil wheaton’s fine bod in that sweater

  • SoPoGrl

    I know #12!!! Haha, totally had a “wait… I know that guy” moment.

  • Melvinn

    must.. kill..

  • J

    It should be illegal to be that way and they should all be shot

  • Massoom

    Thanks Chive, I just barfed into my soup… (Ironically making it delicious)

  • Matt

    I swear tp god the guy in picture 6 is like my double, except with a more extreme ginger beard O.O

    Anyone know who he is? I've never had a double before haha

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