What Global Warming? Feels like an ice age to me. (11 photos)

NOTE: these photos were taken my office window in Chicago, IL. It’s cold.

  • top dog

    To quote somebody from the eighties, “awesome, awesome to the max”

  • uberbrie

    mmmmmmm ice…I dislike change, go away diet coke!!!

  • vitorla

    Wow, that’s actually some awesome pictures. Regardless, winter is lame and summer boating weather can’t come soon enough (the kind where you don’t have to dodge icebergs).

    • uberbrie

      there are more of these posted on ebaums, along with a quick lesson on how the ice gets its coloring

  • HellHathNoFury

    I triple dog dare you to stick your tongue to that glacier!
    That second one is beautiful. I want to ride it with lots of penguins.

    • Whynot?

      How about I paint my d*ck the same color and you can ride that?

      • Krashtester


      • HellHathNoFury

        Sorry, I’m not interested in Shetland ponies.

    • Nelson

      Damn, you fell into that one, lol.

      • mook

        I don’t quite follow this. Is his penis the pony, or is he a pony. That means he would be larger.

  • Gonz

    hahaha shetland ponies, recently discovered were still alive in the 90’s right? in china? I didn’t know they were actually small human peni

  • papasmurf

    HHNF , you really r cool, I still say u wood b fun to party with. Althogh the conversation mite b 1 sided. R U Straight ? Nevermind , thats irelevant

    • HellHathNoFury

      Eye happin to be byeseckshoeal. Ewe wood ugree dat gurls are purtier dan bois. As sevurall commentars kan tell ewe, I am okay two partee with untell I start tokking.

      • Nightstalker

        Got most of that but is the last but “until I start Talking” or “until I start Toking”??

        • HellHathNoFury

          The two coincide seamlessly.

      • HellHathNoPenis

        no idea what you said just then

  • mook

    Global warming does not mean the planet world wide gets warmer. Because we have ice bergs does not imply that we are all fine. This planet is doomed because of all of us, not just some random person out there.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I can see an absolute solution to overpopulation and overpollution for all the people with a guilt complex. Three guesses what it is! 🙂

    • P-90

      The planet is fine, it’s survived far worse than anything we could ever do to it. We may one day die out but the planet will survive.

  • Royale_with_Cheese

    Yes, if only that ice wasn’t melting.

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