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  • misainzig


    • LOL

      And that misainzig, is why we don’t do the “First” crap around here. 😛 You weren’t second, you were first, and you really aren’t original.

      Funny thing about the pistol on the desk…the raisins…gotta keep regular. 😉

      • InspectMyClouseau

        haha yes, glock for the block but…gotta be regular.

        That cat chef kills me and the guy on subway is funny too. Went to NYC once and its like a phenomenon; everybody sleeps on the subway! then they awake at their stop and go their way.funny.

        who the hell is bob? new employee?

      • Anon

        And the only thing more annoying than “First!” and “Second!”? Are those that complain about “First!” and “Second!” …. and me.

      • George Danger Cruz


  • snarkotron

    i bet the chicks love how spray tan accentuates your ‘roid zits

    • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

      I want to kick the orange man in the balls….so fucking badly

  • Regina

    Who’s Awesome?…You’re AWESOME!!!!

    Chive on kids…chive on

  • Vectus

    What was that about the Saints?

    • AD

      Who dat nation!

  • Jaf

    It took me the longest time to realize ‘The Chive’ wasn’t pronounced like the herb

    • Anonymous

      Why? How are you supposed to pronounce it?

      • rso

        yea, it’s really funny when you realize it’s not pronounced like the herb at all. cracks me up! genius!

        • Anonymous

          the ar”chive”

          • x-nun

            hmm..learn somethin new every day.

            • Megarath

              Except, um, down at the bottom right above the comment box, where it says “Cha Cha Cha Chive Talkin'” in giant letters… that kinda gives you a clue as to the proper pronunciation.

              Cha Cha Cha Kive talkin’? I don’t think so.

              • Beano

                Let's put it to a vote……everybody — Thumbs up for "Kive" ala the archive

                If you pronounce it like the herb do nothing.

                • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

                  It's connected to…I think it's pronounced like the herb. Not to mention, the berry. it's all edable.

  • top dog

    The first one is funny, the dog taking dump while the girl is trying to look sexy…just ruins the image. Heheheheheeee!!!!!

  • confused

    okay people who wrap any parts of their bodies in any type of meats really really something to do

  • pheref

    Natural Light FTW

    • Anonymous

      The kid must be drinkin on a budget.

  • vitorla

    Jesus Condom….make sure you bring an extra for the ‘second cumming.’

    • Trizzle

      You're my hero

  • Mattythegooch

    Jesus Condom…that’s the immaculate conseption.

  • mabimpact

    Why doesn’t some hunky guys appear here in tight bathing suits.

    Mary Alice

    • anonymousmale

      No guy appears in a tight bathing suit because every just about every guy is embarrassed about his perceived lack of size. No matter how well built he is, he usually thinks he is too small in the pants.

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