Daily Afternoon Randomness (26 Photos)

  • Mark

    you can’t even go swimming w/o eating?

  • joeoby78

    That kid would get a serious ass whipping!

  • at work

    the girl in pic 2 has an awesome body

    • c4vemanlawyer

      Too bad her face is so weathered

      • Anonymous

        yeah, she looks like an old man. must be all of that tanning. you kids….you kids

  • BillyBlaze

    Way to piss off the postal worker. They’re very stable people so pissing them off is the way to go

    • Ron

      The postal worker should have done his/her job correctly. I have gotten so many things the same as that stating “do not fold” or “do not bend” and it’s folded in half. There’s a reason the warning there idiots! I applaud this person for telling off the postal worker. They get paid to do their job and if they don’t do it well they should get fired.

      • Don

        Its not the postman’s fault in this photo. The mailbox is too small, what else is he going to do? think real hard before you answer.

        • danish

          The best part is diploma is greek for folded paper

        • Ron

          Yes it is the postal worker’s fault. If the mail does not fit in the mailbox they are then supposed to leave a card for you to pick it up at the nearest postal outlet. Lazy postal workers.

          • HellHathNoFury

            Postal workers are the devil. My own postal worker handed over a $72,000 death settlement check to my neighbor kid because she wasn’t going to get off her obese ass and walk it to my door where I was supposed to sign for it. Was she fired? No.

  • StatchMan

    Ocean jelly donuts? You should try the sea cucumbers!

  • Nagrom

    That postal worker sign is EPIC LMFAO!!!

    Am I missing something with the half eaten cookie?

    • Laura

      Lol I can’t tell what that is in the cookie…hmm…

      • Don

        I think its a Hershey Kisses Chocolate with the wrap still in the cookie.

      • Anonymous

        it looks like a screw

  • Captain Pasty

    The pic after the postal worker one is a TV advert from a few years back. It was for Sky TV. Those guys were awesome.

  • tommybhoy

    Who let that guy in the apple store????
    The dog I had no problem with

  • Dom

    I’m pretty sure the thing in the cookie is a bolt.

  • Regina

    and the award goes to………but of course…”the fat chicks”….ugh…get a table

  • zekenzoey

    If you get a diploma in the mail . . you probably deserve it , , ,
    and this product may contain nuts (and bolts)

  • Falc

    Is that Charlie Sheens kid in pic 7?

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