Daily morning randomness (31 photos)

  • gonzomania

    That dog photo is the perfect metaphor for what’s going on in American politics today.

  • confused

    i want to be that kitten

    • Brandon


  • Big Bob

    Wannabe gangsta boy has quite the wardrobe hanging in his closet.

    • joeoby78

      I feel for the dog, having a douche nozzle for an owner and all. You can’t pick your owner can you boy?

  • Gonz

    In a world where all order is cast aside, one man decides to take order and justice with a blade. Evil has a new enemy and blood will be spilled as payment for the atrocities it has committed. Love, revenge, death and a new order. Johnny Depp stars in Smurfs Wars. A Tim Burton Film with music by Danny Elfman. Smurfs Wars Rated R for Revenge

    • mook

      Only fags like smurfs.


  • luca

    the 1st lol.the best i´ve seen so far.

    • inspectmyclouseau

      second that

  • bowhuntpa

    jesus condom gettin old

    • Fuzzybeard2016


  • Mr. Obvious

    BJ’s 15% off.

  • vitorla

    ….and I’ll say it again…. Jesus Condom…make sure you bring an extra with you for the ‘second cumming.’

    • slutifer


      • ladyguitarstar

        3 times and its still only mildly funny. 😛

        • vitorla

          The mildly funny jokes will continue until chive stops reposting 3 times.

          • ladyguitarstar

            Duly noted. Ok, i’m off to change my gravatar to a pic of my guitar, since that seems to be the running theme 🙂

  • Anonymous

    that the best protest i have ever seen!

  • kirstyyy

    i want a pair of those jeans…. ;]

    • Anonymous

      If you have a butt like that then I want you to have a pair of those jeans.

  • Clickawut

    Enough is enough with the Jesus Condom pic, talk about beating a dead horse.

  • StatchMan


  • Spork Girl

    I love all the animal picks in this one. The dog in #18 has a great “look at this dipshit next to me” face.

  • boneman

    absolutely no calories and you can see where you’ve been!

    We heard one YELP from the dog, he ran off and we haven’t seen him since!

    “Yeah. Mom. I’m here, now. I’ll be there in twenty minutes…”

  • Columbo

    So if the chatroulette top image is a fake animated gif used by pranksters for a laugh, then what is the guy in the bottom pic’s excuse? What a fag.

  • donuteyes

    silly hats only FTW.

  • Regina


  • Jake

    Smurf wars, not that would be a movie worth seeing.

  • Robyn

    Is that chick on chat roulette the girl from the movie “Precious”? The Oscar nominee? If not, God made two of them.

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