Emo’s unite!…aaand then go drink Cyanide-laced Kool Aid. (19 photos)

  • Deek

    As a man of Scandinavian heritage picture number 7 makes me very very happy

    • stream27

      As a woman of non-Scandinavian heritage, #7 still makes me very very happy

  • Gonz

    fucking right Bill Murray! no emos have even been slimed or fought gozer the destructor, cause they would cry about it and blog

  • Mr. Obvious

    Emo’s suck.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    If God killed an Emo for every time I masturbated I would have wiped out the population of Seattle ( hang on , let me get a calculator…) 5.23 times!

  • vitorla

    Teenage suicide is not a joke guys *snicker, Emo, snicker*

  • Brandon

    What’s with the Owl City picture?

    • vitorla

      Have you ever seen Adam Young (aka Owl City)? Google him. While his music is pretty awesome, he looks like the lovechild of hipsters and emos.

    • uberbrie

      If you have to ask then then you should remove your eyeliner and stop listening to whiny music immediately!

  • StatchMan

    Emo fag no spell intensity correct on his sad arm 😦

    • inspectmyclouseau

      TASTELESS of theChive to post 3rd picture. They should remove it.

      • inspectmyclouseau

        that being said…pic 1 is pretty funny.

      • MichaelGS

        why remove it? they’re 40% on their way to free advertising. “come to the chive, we’re the cause of several million emo deaths each year. Its a public service”

    • the wretched

      that IS ENTENSITY.net

      it’s for a different website

  • ben

    i wish my front lawn was ’emo’….. it would cut it self then….

  • Jenn the Hen

    In the past I suffered from depression. I didn’t cut my self or dress li

  • Jenn the Hen

    *sorry accidentally pressed enter XD* In the past I suffered from depression. I didn’t cut my self or dress like a he-she like an “emo” kid. I just kept my troubles to myself. I mean nobody really wants to know about all the shit that happened in my life. So I just swallowed my sorrows and took some medication. If they are really depressed they should consider seeing a doctor.

  • xsxeotakux

    I lol’d so hard at the ANHERO motivator

  • P-90

    Surely if you have pink hair and are relatively cute you are not a true emo.

  • Big Bob

    Other people that aren’t happy with their lives are simply depressed. The fact that these kids have to dress a certain way makes it obvious that its really the attention they’re after. “Look at me, I’m Emo!” Why else would a person dress that way unless they want everyone to notice that they fit into a certain clique? “I hate my life, the world sucks, and I want everyone to know that I feel that way!” The teen years sucked for a lot of people…deal with it. Go visit a third world country, with little food, no running water, no education, and no toilet and you’ll see just how lucky you really are!

  • Decoder

    You guys shouldn’t pick on people of a certain subculture. Think twice before you people decide to put someone down. Deep down inside or even on a surface level “emo” people are just like you. If someone is open about their feelings and you are not comfortable with it why not express that positively. Sometimes a joke goes too far. You people are also seeking attention for having to put down certain people. You really are alike…

  • ROR

    “I’d rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth kid.”-Butters
    (I know this is emo kids, but you know, same thing really.)

  • your dick

    2nd pic guy or girl? I cant tell.

    What the fucks the point of cutting yourself like that? (sorry if that’s worded funny) Its stupidity.

  • meow

    i used to be depressed and i was a cutter also for a period of time, few years ago, and i believe i didnt have to dress like that, or walk around trying to make everyone notice just how depressed i was, neither i had to show my scars… which now that im recovered (thanks to doctors and medication obviously) seem pretty stupid to me.

    like jenn the hen says, if they’re really depressed they should consider seeing a doctor.

  • thisonethatone

    Not the best post Chive has done.

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