• forge

    They’re both lovely winners of the genetic lottery but I’m afraid Miss Fisher is just a bit sexier. I’d never turn away either of them of course, a-durr.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take both to go

  • ROR

    Isla’s a hottie, but sorry, Amy hands down. Amazing that as of my vote, 75% of people are wrong, and yes, in this case, your opinion is wrong. Of course, the best situation here would be to have the world’s best threesome.

  • Anonymous

    Going by these photo’s I prefer Amy.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly.

  • D

    What?! There’s two different girls pictured here?! Fuck, I’m confused………..

  • duh

    amy – m,w,f
    isla – t, th,sat
    both – su

  • Stan

    Amy Adams is not a natural redhead. CHIVE FAIL!

  • A Ginger

    I’ll take Amy, Isla has been contaminated by the seed of Borat.

    • Sub

      Isla… What a MILF !!!

  • FTW!

    honestly, I think we all win!

  • RGH

    I agree with Apexs. Do we really have to choose?

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  • francismichael

    no need to compare both r immeasurably hot just enjoy the view boys

  • Derbymon

    Thats not Fair!…..I'm suseptable.

  • Ama

    I prefer Amy. Is more interesting. Isla look as copy Amy. Sorry behind languages but I speak polish

  • Always Last




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