Meet Stinky, the amphibious British bus of the future?? (5 photos)

This amphibious bus hasn’t been green lit yet. But it is part of a proposed plan to improve public transportion in the Scottish city of Glasgow. $1 million is the price tag and this Dutch-built bus you see here uses twin jet drives when in the water and can carry up to 50 passengers.


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  • robert ball

    Okay, I’ll take one. Nice styling, practical application. Not that fond of the color, though. Does it come in green?

  • Champse

    I’ll give it a month before Neds get to it. 😀

  • Dreamy

    Small wonder it’s dutch-build with all their dikes etc 🙂 very safe in case of floods or tsunami’s

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    bus wankers

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        I love The Inbetweeners. I know its a Brit product, but is it very popular over there?

  • Rockstar

    that’s an innovation for 2012

  • Regina

    Hmm..let’s see how long that will last

  • Daaaaave

    That would make the ultimate RV!

  • Jack

    you should see the aquatic bus in Liverpool around the Albert Docks

  • Irwin109

    Why did it take this long to come up with that idea?!

  • Ukenny

    dutch license plate, and it floats at the right side of the water 😛
    it already rides/floats for a while now.

    sorry to say, but it’s dutch 😀 as am I

  • Sweet Jimmy

    Dude. That thing is AWESOME. I agree with the person who made the RV suggestion.

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