Aston Martin is always the answer (15 Photos)

Studies have shown that if you drive this car your life does not suck.

  • slutifer

    db9 is prettier

  • Big Bob

    I’ve always preferred the looks of the Ferraris more but Aston Martin certainly makes beautiful cars as well.

  • andy

    Aston martins are the cars rich people can drive without looking like a c*nt, martins are understated super cars that you could drive to the shops in and not feel out of place…p.s the new car looks brilliant

  • Regina

    I want to lick it from the inside out……….

    the beauty of all times

  • creamer

    i just creamed my pants… ill be back i have to go change

  • Rockstar

    I’d bid for this shit but hell, its automatic

    • ThatWasn'tTheQuestion

      Not necessarily an automatic…Aston Martins have the shifters on the steering wheel.

      • ben

        its a flappy paddle gear box so part manual and part automatic

  • robin yates

    awesome beauty indeed

  • jeff in Australia

    It is indeed a beautiful thing…
    But I think I would still rather have the lots and lots of money it must cost…

  • top dog

    Bond…Bail Bond.

  • Smitty


    Aston Martin never fails to stun and amaze.

    Me, I want a Vintage V8 Vantage. (Say that 3 times fast. ;P)

  • Critical Observer

    what was the question?

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