Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

balloon float lead Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

  • Brian P.

    how much for ze’ girls?

  • Lars

    #2- who let MY WIVES OUT OF THE KITCHEN?

  • upper low

    that is the only reason to be nice to fat people. but it’s a legit reason i admit

  • Mustafa_Beer


  • damien

    i think i’ve had sex with both chicks in pic #1. Stephanie and Beth are their names. they go to my college

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Pic 1 is a balloon and an out house…. must be some school you attend!

      • Anonymous

        And with that my day got 100% better

      • Ken

        LOL! Fun mental picture, Damien trying to make it with that big balloon!

        Mattress man is gonna bounce!

        Nice family portrait there with “Little Mr. Sunshine.”

        Who could confuse a baby with a burrito? Oh, Walmart…nevermind.

  • Joey

    What’s the deal with the babies + mexican food?

  • Yanush

    i was in the potty

  • the chive rules

    hot chics in hawaii!! love that

  • bubble_rider86

    lucky the police responded so quickly or burrito baby wouldn’t have had that second chance….looks like his life is turning out ok……btw, i totally wonder how that air mattress sky dive turned out….i bet it was pretty awesome……=P

  • Camel Joe

    more of the asian kickbox chick please

    • 2022

      i've seen the movie which isnt half bad.

  • Eirik

    The guy with the mattresses, clearly this is the befor-picture, is there an after-picture? And I’m happy to see that things work out just fine for the burrito-baby.

  • Paul Tingle

    dis hole fing is well mint man

  • drainbrain

    baby taquito

  • Regina

    Ahahaha……riiight on about the fat people poster!!!

  • lfs

    so it is the baby in #26 the one they mention in #3?

  • P-90

    Baby….the other other white meat.
    Oh and fat bastards are harder to kidnap. (Well that’s my excuse anyway)

  • uberbrie

    Best D.A.R. ever

  • Anonymous

    sriracha hot sauce FTW!!

  • at work

    i want to see what happens to the guy jumping onto the mattresses..and the girls in the 2nd pic are hot

  • Cleveland

    I bet i know what the cops said after they found the burrito baby- Thats a wrap…wah wah waaaaaah

  • Gonz

    Taco baby FTW

  • showtownman

    Wal-Mart/baby/burrito newspaper article’s a pair with the later baby/taco shot, and the 02/06/10 snow shot? Oh, bet it looks much, much worse there now. Boy howdy.

  • boneman

    I love the bench.
    I hate that people find reasons to hate other people.
    But, I love that bench!

  • Jake

    Did anyone else connect #3 and the 3rd from the last?
    Wonder baby powers activate. Form of: mexican food!

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